Nothing separates Cricket, Movies, and Politics from all Indians. When people meet they invariably discuss either politics, movies, and cricket.  Currently, heat is increasing in the political battlefield as all the national and regional parties are sweating out in the scorching summer heat to win the coveted Indian Political League.

Already Indian Premier League kick-started a couple of days back and the nail-biting matches between various franchisees thrilled all the sports lovers. Indian Political League which happens generally happens every five years give even bigger thrills to all the people across the country.

Just like batsmen blasting sixers, bowlers hurling bouncers, political leaders come with powerful dialogues against their opponents. Like rival teams in IPL, political leaders and the respective parties to come with various strategies to emerge winners. While Indian Premier League gives abundant entertainment, Indian Political League not only offers thrills but also decides the future of the country.

The two main teams in the Indian Political League Modi Brigade and Rahul Warriors.

Following are the players to watch in the Modi Brigade Vs Rahul Warriors.

Modi Brigade

Narendra Modi (Captain)

He is a batsman par excellence. In the last season, he rained sixers speeding the BJP scoreboard. He is carrying the responsibility of leading the team to victory once again. He is getting ready to whack all the opponents bouncers out of the boundary with tremendous bull power with menacing effect.

Amit Shah (Vice Captain)

He is the most trusted deputy of Modi. He is a great batsman and even greater strategist. He decodes and destroys the strategies of the opponents even before they implement them. He makes his presence felt in the field by deploying resources and ensure the opponent shots do not cross the boundaries.

Rajnath Singh

He is a top order batsman. He scores runs with a delicate and sublime touch. At times he comes with shots as powerful as bullets shocking the opposition bowlers.

Arun Jaitley

He is the key batsman in the team. Last year he failed personally. The team is having a lot of hopes on him. However, lack of fitness (ill health) is worrying  everyone.

Nitin Gadkari

He is the most dependable batsman in the middle order. Analysts predicted that he would be replaced as captain with the team management. However, he made clear that he will play under Modi’s captaincy.

Yogi Adityanath

He is a good allrounder who is an added value with the bat and ball. He fields at a key position in the field. He stops even the powerful shots from the opponents with lightning speed.

Nitish Kumar

A key allrounder in the team. Most dependable batsman. He has been scoring runs for many years and is successful as a bowler. The team is pinning its hopes on him.

Uddhav Thackery

A pace bowler. There was suspense about his inclusion in the team. However, hie berth got confirmed at the last moment. He suffocates opponent batsmen (leaders) with his sharp bouncers.


He is an off-spinner. Last year he did not taste much success. He is talented and his performance will be closely watched this time.

Prakash Singh Badal

A fast bowler who can bowl with good line and length. He contains opposition batsmen from scoring runs.

Ram Vilas Paswan

A good medium pacer who can handle any tense situations. He can stop opponent batsmen from scoring runs.

Rahul Warriors

Rahul Gandhi (Captain)

Young captain and an aggressive batsman. He guided his team to victory in the last year matches in Jaipur, Bhopal, and Raipur. He is keen to exact revenge for the disastrous defeat in 2014. However, lack of experience is his biggest drawback.

Mamata Bannerjee (Vice Captain)

She is a good allrounder. She can blast bowlers with the bat and fire bouncers with the ball scaring the opponents. She considers Modi Brigade as her sworn enemy. She is leaving no stone unturned to defeat Modi at any cost.

Chandra Babu Naidu

A trusted batsman with immense experience. He can save the team scoring runs under a difficult situation. He is a good fielder. He is making all-out effort to defeat Modi and is working hard with the captain Rahul Gandhi to motivate and inspire the players of his team.


Key batswoman in the team who can score runs at a brisk pace. She has to succeed for the team to emerge winners. She disappointed in the last season getting out for a duck. She is keen to make amends for her failure this season.

Akhilesh Yadav

Good hitter in the middle order. He disappointed last season. Hopes are high that he will succeed this year. He is practicing hard along with co-player Mayavati.

Aravind Kejriwal

A fast bowler who scares opponents with his sharp bouncers (abuses). Though he has pace, lack of consistency is his problem. It has to be seen how he helps his team.

Sharad Pawar

Great pacer. He has immense experience. He can play a key role in the victory of his team. He has the talent to inspire players and succeed as a team.


A newcomer who is a good allrounder. Captain Rahul Gandhi is confident that he will save the team with his performance. It has to be seen how he helps his team with his performance.

H D Kumaraswamy

An off-spinner. Expectations are on that he will help his team with his performance. He has the ability to take wickets in a crucial situation. He is good at making the best use of opportunities.

Laloo Prasad

Veteran allrounder. He has a lot of experience. He performed well last season. He can suffocate opposition with bat and ball. If he performs well, the team’s victory will be easy. Landing in controversies (cases) is having a negative impact.

Omar Abdullah

A leg break bowler. He can fool opposition batsmen with his googlies. He is waiting eagerly for the battle with Modi Brigade.

NOTE: Few players not liking these two teams are coming with their own team. Here are the key players in that team.

Jagan  Mohan Reddy

A young player. He is keen to show his power this season with his performance. He did not announce which team he prefers until now.


Great Batsman. He can show stars to opponents scoring sixes at will whipping bowlers apart. He can play well in difficult situations. In the match, in December he came with a sensational performance. Speculation is on which team he will join. He is planning to form his own team and lead it to victory to shock Modi Brigade and Rahul Warriors.

Naveen Patnaik

Important allrounder. Experienced player who can perform well with the bat and bowl. He can spoil the chances of the opponents.

Pawan Kalyan

A debutante who is keen to show his power by playing well this time. Last time he gained experience rubbing shoulders with the likes of Chandra Babu Naidu and Modi.

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