The modern day world is a paradigm of utopia for the early man. If one of our ancestors picks up a chance to witness the contemporary paraphernalia, he is sure to go into swoon. The progressive advancement of the current world is a picture of educational encroachment. The growth of education by leaps and bounds has resulted into the great boom of facilitated living.  Since education is not uniform in all areas of the world, so is the development. The more education has reached in every nook and corner of a society, greater is the perspective increase in its standard.

Education makes a man erudite, sophisticated and cultured. But above all, it opens the avenues of his thought process. The more a person becomes learned, larger gets the expanse of his avenue of knowledge and aptitude. It becomes feasible for him to see things with a wider standpoint. He tends becoming less ‘narrow-minded’. He starts to put into use his faculties of intelligence. His brain becomes a boulevard of responsiveness.

“Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.”

But these potentials come with the flow of learning. Education governs the worth of a society. More the people are lettered, less the chances of chaos. The growing standard of thinking creates less space for barbarism and violence. People tend to see wrong as wrong and right as right. They begin to emote to the pains of their fellow beings, more or less. The rise in education paves a way for empathy, tolerance and compassion in a populace.

In a lesser educated society like ours, the scenario is more or less tumultuous. We are a people with relatively narrower mindsets. There is a cascade of hitches in our people. If we take a closer look, we’ll find that there is a mosaic of colors in our society too. The more educated ones out of us have a different perspective for a problem than our illiterate or lesser educated counterparts. But because of majorly illiterate population, we provide a vulnerable ground for various social menaces.

educating indian masses

We get easily provoked. Due to dearth of education we often lack basic knowledge and true insight. We get carried away by minor triggering and are ready with amply robust platform for communal violence. The media plays its own drums, often under the push and pulls, inherent to the profession. This lack of awareness makes us a lagging society.  We are reactive and irritated. We get exploited to the extent that thousands of our so called “Ann-Datas” i.e. the Farmers were left with no alternative but to take their own lives as could be seen in the farmer suicides taking place across India in recent times. The real problems of our society thus remains concealed under the wraps of ignorance created by the clouds of illiteracy.

“Never before in the history of india was so much at stake due to lack of education and illiteracy than it is in today’s internet age”

There is an utter need to realize the paradox of unruliness in the society.  We, now together need to link arms and begin the process of step wise facilitating our people towards education and literacy. We are still somewhere lurching in the mud of obliviousness. Despite the great advancements, there are still many of us who are miles away from basic education. Even if the government has provided free and compulsory education to all, it still hasn’t reached the masses. People are still striving to gratify their overwrought stomachs.  The facility of food along with education also did not prove very fruitful to the majority.  There is an overall corruption almost everywhere. Facilities do hardly reach the target. They more often than not go astray. The government run institutions are barely given the kind of attention and care they deserve, by the governing officials. The guaranteed hefty salaries and assurance of not being monitored, carry away the focus from work. The schools remain groping in darkness of poverty and negligence.

Mission EducationIt is the actual need of the hour to work seriously on the educational front. The primary focus should be laid on eradicating corruption. If corruption is supposedly eliminated, much can be thought of achieving. Since the root cause being dishonesty and exploitation of the deprived class, development is hard to achieve. The flow of money is unidirectional to a great extent and so is true about education. Practically, education in the real senses is the liberty of the privileged class as it is the private institutions that impart quality education. What we need to do is concentrate on the government run schools, so that even the under privileged class can avail world class education.

The talent of the learned is sliding into brain drain. We should try to educate our countrymen rather than run after foreign money and greener pastures. Most of us pull out all the stops to get placed in foreign countries. Some to earn big money while many others to safeguard their ill gotten wealths amassed at the cost of those who do not make both ends meet. And here we go wrong. Why don’t we think about eradicating the social mayhems of our own countrymen? Why shouldn’t we strive to make our motherland competent with other developed nations in terms of education and literacy? Why can’t we bother to work for the masses rather than our individual upliftment? Why don’t our Ambani’s and Adani’s get inspired by the likes of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett who pledged their billions, their entire life’s earnings for the betterment of the society and mankind as a whole? Why, we need to ponder for sure?

We need to seriously work our mind to make quality efforts in this direction. Let us all, each and every literate amongst us endeavor to embellish our country with the adornments of education. This nation is our home. So why not make it a sweet home.

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