Need to find out solutions of various challenges faced by schools and teachers while giving online classes to the students is being felt across the education industry. A reimagination as to how to develop skills of innovativeness and creativity in the students from the beginning, so that they can survive and fit in today’s job roles. A brain storming panel discussion organized by Amity University took up this issue with distinguished and eminent participant expressing their views. The subject being: “Education 2025: Reimagining Future Schools”.

Dr Vikas Madhukar,  Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor, Dean, Faculty of Management Studies, Amity University Gurugram in his keynote address at the webinar said that “ Blended Learning model, technology adoption and reform in assessments”. He highlighted the focus on excellence for every child and helping them, building skills and awareness that go beyond what they need simply to find work. Schools should have mechanism by that they can understand student’s mindset, their aspiration, and their dreams. He also mentioned that Amity University offers flexible curriculum in that a student of engineering can learn law, music, and photography.

Dr. Priti Ojha, Principal,  Delhi International School, Dwarka while sharing her thoughts said, “Biggest challenge for teachers now is interacting with all students in online classes depriving them to provide personal attention to students. She also mentioned other important challenges faced by the schools like parents busy in their work, gadgets not available at home for online classes.

Ms. Abha Sadana, Principal, The Modern School ECNR citing the research reference stated that student of class 5th in a rural area not able to read books of class 2nd properly. One of the major reasons is effective teacher training programs. She also gave examples like creating urban forest, doodling etc to provide real life exposure and development of critical thinking.   

Education 2025 - Reimagining Future Schools
Participants, Education 2025 – Reimagining Future Schools (Photo N4M / Amity)

Dr. Sheetal Maan, Modern Convent School, Dwarka In line to the topic she said that the teachers are pyramid of education system So mental wellbeing of teachers and students is very important in present situation of lockdown. She also mentioned that we need to develop empathy in students to become a good leader and human being rather than making them a robot. 

Dr Priya Shrivastava, Principal, Euro International School, Sector -109, Gurugram emphasized that the key area of innovation that help the next Generation to be a future learner is to involve the young people in every stage of the project, educating young girls and youth women in the field of technology especially internet, providing training and employment to the youth of this country.

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Dr. Anuradha Govind, Principal, J M International School, Dwarka, Delhi said that “Every student’s strength shall be appreciated. A lot of practical knowledge should be given to them through experiential learning projects. Parents’ involvement is very important and crucial during primary years. She also emphasized on the starting entrepreneurship curriculum at school to encourage students of the future to become job creators than job seekers.

Mr. Sachin Juneja , Director, Market Promotions, AUG while moderating the session stating that if we think of reimagining education then it should be applicable to all, as in pandemic times we have seen nation facing hard challenges and how it disrupted the livelihood and choices of informal economy. He mentioned that to achieve ambitious target of 100% GEP for secondary education, we need to reinvent the wheel and so is this panel has done by brining innovation solutions on board. While delivering the Vote of Thanks he also asked one word from each of the panelist for today’s discussion like, Liquid Learning, Challenges and excitement, Resilience, and Innovation Education.

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