AH-64E (I) – Apache Attack helicopter was formally handed over to the Indian Air Force at Boeing production facility in Mesa, Arizona, USA.

The first batch of these helicopters is scheduled to be shipped to India by July this year.

Selected aircrew and ground crew have undergone training at the training facilities at US Army base Fort Rucker, Alabama. These personnel will lead the operationalisation of the Apache fleet in the IAF.

The addition of AH-64 E (I) Apache Attack helicopter is a significant step towards modernisation of the Indian Air Force’s helicopter fleet.

Indian Air Force had finalized and signed a contract with the United States Govt and Boeing Limited in September 2015 for the supply of 22 Apache helicopters against which these deliveries have materialized.

The IAF Media Coordination Centre tweeted a series of tweets on the occasion:

The helicopter has been customized to suit Indian Air Force’s future requirements and would have significant capability in mountainous terrain.

The helicopter has the capability to carry out precision attacks at standoff ranges and operate in hostile airspace with threats from ground.

The ability of these helicopters, to transmit and receive the battlefield picture, to and from the weapon systems through data networking makes it a lethal acquisition.

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