Liberal billionaire George Soros has donated more than $50 million to various Democratic campaigns and political action committees during the 2020 election cycle, breaking his previous record by tens of millions, according to Federal Election Commission filings. What are the details? The whopping sum of money more than doubles Soros’ previous record high of $22 million, which came in 2016 — and there are still more than three months to go until this year’s Election Day.

The Washington Free Beacon reports that George Soros has poured the majority of the money into Democratic coffers through his Democracy PAC, which he created last year. FEC filings show that last quarter, the Democracy PAC logged nearly $17 million in disbursements, bringing its total disbursements this election cycle to $48 million.

The Free Beacon reported that George Soros has personally doled out another $4 million to Democratic campaigns and committees without going through the PAC, making Soros’ total donations approximately $52 million.

The outlet noted that Soros’ huge donations fly in the face of what several of his benefactors, including former Vice President Joe Biden, have to say about big money in politics. On his website, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee says “we could improve our politics overnight if we flushed big money from the system and had public financing of our election,” and “democracy works best when a big bank account or a large donor list are not prerequisites for office.”

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His website also promises that, as president, Biden “will reform our campaign finance system so that it amplifies the voices of the public, not the powerful — particularly the voices of working Americans.

“Anything else? Earlier this year, while speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Soros said that the “fate of the world” is at stake in the 2020 election. During the speech, he said President Trump “is a con man and a narcissist, who wants the world to revolve around him.” He also said Trump is an “authoritarian” who is “willing to sacrifice the national interests for his personal interests.”

The Free Beacon reported that “some of [Soros’s] largest donations went to the Nancy Pelosi-linked House Majority PAC ($2 million), Chuck Schumer-tied Senate Majority PAC ($1.5 million), Planned Parenthood Votes ($625,000), and the dark money group Sixteen Thirty Fund ($1 million).”

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