N4m Team regularly reviews institutions and organizations for giving a better perspective to its viewers. Standard parameters are followed for all, based on the type, size and location, so as to avoid any over or under evaluations across the board.

Standard Parameters For Review:

  • Overall Design
  • Staffing
  • Services
  • Participant criterion
  • Goal and Outcomes
  • Wellness Centre Environment
  • Wellness Center Health Environment and Functions

Health Sanctuary Review

Though the company has franchisees and branches spread across North India, however this Review has been undertaken for Health Sanctuary branch located at Greater Kailash -1 in New Delhi, India.

Overall Design:

Ideally wellness centres should be located in the vicinity of both its clientele and its employees. Health Sanctuary, GK-1 fulfills these both as it’s located in the centre of Greater Kailash, considered the heart of Delhi. The neighborhood is inhabited with one of the poshest and most cultured residents of Delhi. Surrounding Greater Kailash are markets and colonies connected with easy commute for Health Sanctuary’s clients and employees alike.

The Interior design of Health Sanctuary is a marvel to look at. With a serene atmosphere, client therapies are a treat to have and pass time.


Health Sanctuary has one of the most experienced staff that we could come across in any of the Wellness clinics in entire North India. Under the able mentorship of famous nutritionist and lifestyle celebrity Shubi Husain, the staff is a dedicated team of expert doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapists and operational assistants.

Women workforce - Health Sanctuary Review
Health Sanctuary Staff gives a glimpse of Women at Work and In Governance (Representative Image, N4M file photo)

The experience of most staff ranged from 10 to 20 years with Health Sanctuary itself. This could be considered an ace for an organization in the wellness sector as retaining manpower even for few years at a stretch, leave alone decades of association is almost next to impossible in the Indian environment.

To just name a few, Operations Incharge Mr D Sharma has been employed with Health Sanctuary since its very inception two decades ago and this boasts of 19+ years of service with Health Sanctuary. Similarly another female employee has been with Health Sanctuary for the past more than 15 years.

Moreover, the entire staff was found to be sufficiently mature, culturally competent and committed to networking and building professional understandings with individuals, families, and stakeholders from diverse communities and backgrounds.


With “Enhancement of Lifestyles and Longevity” as its motto, the plethora of approximately 50 different and unique services at Health Sanctuary ranged from Weight Loss Treatments delivered through the latest Weight Management machines and technologies to the most advanced in Anti-Aging. The Services being offered at Health Sanctuary could be placed into the following categories:

  • Weight management (primarily weight loss). The company was found to be having around 12 different lipolysis methods / procedures to give the targeted weight loss
  • Anti-Aging procedures and treatments
  • Cosmetic treatments (Non Surgical)
  • Dermatology / Skin care treatments
  • Laser treatments
  • Hair transplant and treatments.
  • Lifestyle Enhancement Sessions
  • Counselling sessions for depression

However the main forte of services primarily comprised of the weight loss programs. Weight loss experts with overall experience of 20+ years were found using their skills in delivering effective slimming results that were not found in any of the other clinics we visited.


Anyone and everyone requiring services and assistance were found to be welcome. However the Clinic in accordance with the standard criterion was found to be taking participants who reflected an earnest desire to improve their health and well being and strive to achieve what they were looking for.

The clinic was found to be complying with the standards by offering individualized services to its clients that met the social, clinical as well as fiscal requirements for enrollment.

Goal and Outcome:

The Company put forth a Visitors Book that captured all the Remarks from those clients who bothered to utilize it. Positive Reviews and testimonials from a stream of happy and satisfied clients overflowed into bundles of pages that Health Sanctuary had taken care to maintain and retain over the past almost 2 decades. A marvel feat indeed.

Even digital testimonials were provided for verification. Of particular interest were the pages from google that have the utmost authenticity. There were thousands of Health Sanctuary Reviews and Testimonial undertaken by clients from all hues. The results achieved by the clients were just amazing. We came across those who had lost 18 kgs in a month while there were others who testified to having achieved targeted weight loss to meet many of their intended life’s commitments.

Few such cases that could be seen were from the Defense Services recruitments where individuals were give timelines to achieve a certain weight loss before their medical boards and employments could be confirmed.

There were other cases also and these were in plenty where girls of marriageable ages would come to consult and take fast track programs citing visits by their would be in-laws or those who would like to impress their hubby’s and boy friends.

Here are a few links of Health Sanctuary Reviews that one can peep through to confirm live on the claims. All these verifiable cases reflected positively on the professional running of the weight loss clinic whereby implying that the Health Sanctuary wellness center was in a perfect state of operational and functional health.

  1. Aman A: Joined at 116 Kgs. Lost 30 Kgs to come down to 86 Kgs.
  2. Rajat Gupta: Lost 18 kgs in less than 1.5 months only..
  3. Narender Patra: Quote “I have lost 25kg with Health Sanctuary in three months. Most professional clinic with excellent team. They guide us all through out. A big thank you to Shubi mam and her team” Unquote.
  4. Arshdeep: Thanks Shubi Husain after losing a whopping 52 Kgs at Health Sanctuary

All the above testimonials plus many more Health Sanctuary Reviews can be directly seen on Google Review Page.

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Overall Design
Participation (Clients)
Results (Goals Achieved)
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health-sanctuary-review-assessmentHaving rated Health Sanctuary on a series of parameters from overall design to client satisfaction and handling to the variety of service options available with the clinic. Health Sanctuary was found to have scored a perfect ten and stands out from the rest of the Weight Loss and Anti-Aging Clinics (Wellness Clinics) assessed and reviewed by the N4M Reviews Team. This without any qualms, the N4M Team adjudges Health Sanctuary in Delhi NCR region as the Best Wellness Centre providing services in its category.


  1. Thanks for the review.. Else it’s very difficult these days to find the genuine ones online.. As I came to know later, you can add that Health Sanctuary has been in operation and providing weight loss services for the past more than 20 years.. That’s really a good sign of reliability and stability. You might like to add this feature of Stability in your Review criterion..
    Nonetheless a great effort by N4M


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