Find out what destiny has for you to change your life for the better.

All of us have asked questions at least once in our lives, such as, “Why did I come into this world? Am I living right? Have I chosen the right path for myself?” Most often, we do not know the answers. That’s why it feels hard and restless. But there are those who can help in our situation, who have answers to all questions. Zhannabelle is a hereditary white sorceress with telepathy and clairvoyance. Do you want to know how to find the path for your life? A wise mentor will reveal to you the secrets you did not know before.

In her classes, Zhannabelle talks about the importance of our predestination and helps her students to find it. She says that one’s fate depends on the kind of deity that gives birth to one’s soul. For example, there is a shamanic god Erlik Khan – healer of human souls and bodies. If it is he who sent your soul, then you are predisposed to the profession of a doctor, a social worker, or a lawyer. Your destiny is to heal and help people. Or there is a shamanic god of the Future, Ulgen Khan. He gives a man the ability to create, generate, and organize from birth.

Now imagine you work as an accountant in real life. But at the same time, you have a creative mind and a creative purpose given to you by Ulgen Khan. There is no doubt that you are able to achieve some success at your current position. But will you be able to realize yourself to the fullest and work for the benefit of the world sitting in the office and counting numbers every day? It is still somebody else’s path. It will not bring you that complete happiness even if you are a designer, producer, dancer, or poetess. 

The most important secret 

Everything was already distributed by the Supreme Powers on Earth before our birth. Are you surprised? But it is true. There is a certain scenario of what path our soul will take. Each road is straight, but there are obligatory branches on it, which give us freedom of choice. This is like in a Russian fairy tale: “He who passes to the right will meet death. He who passes to the left will be sucked into the bog. And he who goes straight… will face something else.”

There is always a choice, but the highest purpose is written in heaven. So how do you know it to make your plans to follow it? Zhannabelle has been conducting diagnostics of predestination for over 20 years. She always says that each of us is unique, all women have their own talents. And, depending on the direction we chose to move on the forked road of our destiny, this is how our whole life becomes.

Claudia (Milan)

When I turned 36, I suddenly faced a midlife crisis. They say that only men face it. Nothing of the sort! At first, I fell into a terrible depression; I was sitting and sobbing all day long. No one understood what was happening to me. My mother called me all the time and tried to talk. My friends visited me all the time, offering help.

And only the godmother of my child, having heard my words about uselessness and worthlessness of life, understood what I needed. She advised me to make an appointment for an individual consultation with Zhannabelle. I didn’t expect anything special from it, but after reading several articles, I became interested. After the consultation, I signed up for a full course of classes at her online school. Now I see the meaning of my life and do not consider it useless! In spring, I am moving to Rome to get inspired and write a novel there.

I thank Zhannabelle for her help. I will keep studying her programs to discover myself, to charge myself with strength, and to overcome any predestined obstacles in my life.

Zhannabelle with Path for your life workshop participants
Zhannabelle with participants at one of her workshops (File Photo)

Connection With Ancestors Helps You Find Your Life Path

Imagine that you are walking on the road of your life, and it is straight and smooth. You do not overcome it, but just move smoothly from event to event. In the end, you get bored, and then you decide to improvise and turn sharply in the thickets near the road. But when you turn there, you fall into a swamp. And when you find yourself in the swamp, you think: “Why has all this happened to me? Do I have such a terrible fate?”

It happens because we do not listen to our intuition. We don’t hear guardian spirits of our lineage, and everyone certainly has them. It is them with whom we should consult; we should listen to them before making any life decision. Unfortunately, almost everyone has now lost the connection with such spirits, the connection with the wise ancestors…

Anciently, people always sought help and advice from the wisest beings, from their ancestors, before making an important decision. People often consulted with astrologers on stars and knew which path to choose. Therefore, their road was almost always successful.

There are not many people in the world who keep in touch with their ancestors. But still, they exist. They are shamans or priests. They can point the right way for each of us. But their answer is not always predictable and clear to us. After all, there may be things that you expected and hoped to hear, yet you were told something quite different. For example, something you’ve never done and never even thought of doing.

One of our students, Margaret, worked as a seamstress all her life, and even became the shift manager. At the same time, she did not feel like a successful and fulfilled woman. She was making designer dresses in a small atelier and thought that this was her destiny. But suddenly, one day Margaret got acquainted with Zhannabelle and found out that her vocation was a little bit different, namely, in creative work.

Having abandoned all the old sewing patterns, she began to sew out cute hats according to her own sketches. They were very harmoniously combined with the dresses from the new collection and they were sold like hot cakes. Later, Margaret opened her own studio and became a popular designer in the Czech Republic.

Dear, instead of denying the words of your mentor, believe them. Follow whatever you are told; this is a one-hundred percent guarantee of your success. You will see the changes burst into your life and make you truly happy. And that’s because Zhannabelle can see much more.

Imagine if you’ve been working as an accountant your whole life, but your mentor looked and said: “You have great organizing skills! You can even bring together women who need help. Organize a seminar or a meeting and help them!” Yes, and something like this happens often.

Nicole (Burgundy) 

I have been working as a lawyer in a small company for almost 15 years. One can say that my parents forced me to study to be a lawyer. They thought it was a profitable and prestigious job. Later, I got involved and began to think that this is my destiny. I came to terms with it, but after a hard breakup with my partner, I could not recover for a long time. Plus, work did not bring joy, and life lost all meaning.

Seeing my condition, my sister recommended I consult with Zhannabelle. I opened her website and read the article “How to overcome difficult life situations”. I took interest in it. My new mentor recommended me to have my predestination diagnosed. To my surprise, it turned out that it would be best for me to work with children, especially young ones, in my life. When I was a student, I worked as a youth leader at Artek summer camp, and I liked it very much.

When I thought about it, I understood that working with children really attracted me. And, as I had a crazy desire to change something in my life, I decided to consider vacancies in the school club for the youngest kids. I was unexpectedly invited for a period of probation. I worked there with great pleasure. Once I got acquainted with a single father of one girl. We often met, talked about raising children, and found other common interests. And then we started a relationship and later I moved in with them. I have always dreamed of a strong happy family and am grateful to Zhannabelle for guiding me and showing my path in life! Will certainly recommend all my friends who are confused to meet her.

Emma (Switzerland) 

On the threshold of my fortieth birthday, I suddenly began to think that I was living the wrong life. I somehow realized that my life does not belong to me and I was just living and not knowing what to do next. Infact, I found myself at crossroads – with no idea which way to go, and I was afraid.

Being in complete despair, I came across an article on overcoming the difficult moments at Zhannabelle’s website. It grabbed me, and I signed up for an individual consultation. Immediately after the first communication, I felt more confident. I also attended the group sessions, which helped me to understand that I am not the only one who has such problems in life. Together with other women led by Zhannabelle, I was able to overcome these difficulties.

Zhannabelle revealed my predestination to me and told me how to find my way. Thanks to her, I go my way calmly, feeling strong and absolutely complete.

I recommend having a consultation to all my friends who have had troubles in life.

It is very important to know your path. When you walk along it, your way is easy and joyful. Zhannabelle will tell you how to find it. You will get acquainted with an ancient mandala at classes. You will open your life path when you see it. Through it, you will be able to intuitively feel certain signs sent to you by the universe. The door of life’s predestination will open to you. And to enter this door, join the classes at Zhannabelle’s online school, and bring your family and friends.

The life path of each of us is beautiful. If there are any difficulties, it means it’s time to act. Be sure to make an appointment with Zhannabelle and attend her seminars. Under the guidance of a mentor, you will definitely find your way, the path of female happiness. Some situations are difficult to deal with on your own. It is very necessary to study at our training sessions, and to attend group classes between them. Then all your problems will be solved instantly!

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