BMW cars bowl all with their luxurious and posh looks. The latest entrant into its fold is 2019 BMW Z4 and let us see what comforts it offers in the rest review. The moment one gets into it, one finds out that it uses new CLAR platform with the new Toyota Supra and its aluminum suspension bits are sharper and wheelbase shorter than its earlier version. However BMW Z4 gives a rare feeling with a two seater convertible sports car credibility along with M40i trim.

It gives lot of comfort and fun without a huge engine. It’s previous version came in 2009 and though it has a folding hardtop, it was not as sharp as one drove it. The new G29 Z4, BMW rectified that with a shorter wheelbase and coming with aggressive suspension with 50: 50 weight distribution and active rear differential. BMW has a B58 3 litre inline six which actually comes in the non M cars.

Z4 looks beautiful with bumpers and also the fender and functional vent, leading to the tip of the spoiler, and mirrored in the upturned slash at the bottom of the door. BMW Z 4 is faster as one can manage  0-100kmph run in just 4.4 seconds, with single twin-scroll turbo squeezing out 340PS and 500Nm torque equipped with a  2,998cc inline six-cylinder turbocharged engine. Z4 has good fuel efficiency returning with 5.72kmpl in the city and 8.19kmpl on the highway.With a 52-litre tank, it should translate to anywhere from 260-420km on a tankful.

ZF got eight speed automatic and the peak torque is from 1,600rpm and it stays flat all the way till 5,000 revs. There is a huge surge even if one don’t have the space to fully wind out the engine to its 7,000 rev redline,  Shifting of gearbox is telepathic and it has excellent side effects. In a true German fashion, Z4 has sharper joints.

Z4 cabin has a fabric roof folded down in just 10 seconds and it seepds of up to 50kmph. Even with no  air curtain/diffuser to reduce turbulence inside the cabin there is not much buffeting till one hits 120 kmph. Driver and co passenger will be comfortable in body hugging seats. There could have been better space management as arm rest isnot very wide and deep.

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The dash with a 10.25 inch touch screen up front and centre, BMW has intelligent personal assistant which like smartphone responds to voice commands. The digital dials have a unique part-hexagonal layout, and the opposed-layout needles look cool – at first.

The boot, at 281 litres, is large enough for a weekend’s worth of luggage, but only if you give up the peace of mind of the 17-inch spacesaver in there.

BMW Z4 2019: Full Spec

Price (Ex-Delhi): Starts Rs 64.9 Lakhs
Displacement: 2998cc
Transmission : Automatic
Max Power(ps): 197
Max Torque(Nm): 500
Mileage: 12.82 Kmpl

Jaguar F-Type 2018: Full Spec

Price (Ex-Delhi): Starts Rs 90.93 Lakhs
Displacement: 1997cc
Transmission: Automatic
Max Power(ps): 495
Max Torque(Nm): 400
Mileage: -NA-

Porsche 718 2017: Full Spec

Price (Ex-Delhi): Starts Rs 86 Lakhs
Displacement: 1988cc
Transmission: Automatic
Max Power(ps): 300
Max Torque(Nm): 380
Mileage: -NA

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