Since the time this innovative combo weight loss procedure has been introduced by celebrity nutritionist Shubi Husain in her clinics in Delhi & NCR, there has been a steady stream of clients, both referral and new who just want to shed their weight quickly but safely.

Many of these clients had been fighting a lonely battle against the bulge till such time they were told about Shubi Husain’s fast weight loss and have lost a whopping 10 to 22 Kgs in a weeks time to a month. In one case, the client Arshdeep, a student from New Delhi, lost a shocking 52 kgs in just a couple of months.

About The Innovative Procedure:

The inhouse built procedure is an innovation by famous nutritionist and lifestyle celebrity Shubi Husain. While researching with various permutations and combinations of weight loss programs and their effects on different kinds of clients, Ms Shubi Husain stumbled up this revolutionary weight loss solution which is creating sensation across the weight loss industry.

Ms Husain, with over two decades of experience zeroed down onto this weight loss procedure (combo, machine based) wherein, with the least intervention of diets and exercises, She could manage to provide weight loss to the tune of 22 kgs in less than a month.


The simultaneous problem of loose skin due to such rapid weight loss could be taken care of by a series of anti-aging and stretch mark reducing procedures readily available in Shubi Husain’s anti-aging arsenal of services.

What Various Clients Say About The Procedure:
Ms Mona, Lost 17 Kgs at Shubi Husain’s Health Sanctuary, Delhi

More About Shubi Husain’s Weight Loss:

Multiple studies have been carried out that state that overweight and obese men and women have trouble finding well paying jobs and attracting suitable partners of the opposite sex. These are the people who experience higher rates of depression, social anxiety, and a lack of self confidence. In short, being overweight could very negatively impact every small aspect of your lifestyle.

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But cheer up, the first step in reversing years of weight gain is to identify the problem and to work for overcoming it. This is where Shubi Husain comes into picture, to help you identify the exact cause of your weight gain over the years. Once this is done the most suitable combination of procedures that ideally suits you and your body types is frozen and the work towards reduction of your cellulite is put in right earnest.

With a precise requirements of your nutrients, metabolism acceleration, fat mobilization and a series of measured procedures, your journey to quick weight loss begins. You are put through procedures like cool sculpting, cryotherapy, trademarked ultralipolysis and several other innovative ones, so that you not only lose that extra fat but you also keep it away for many many years to come, thereby addressing and taking care of your complaints of ‘weight bounce back’ in advance.

Check Out Some Client’s Amazing Results:

Arshdeep’s Unbelievable 52 Kgs In Weight Loss:

Quick Weight Loss Program - Shubi Husain's Health Sanctuary
Having been diagnosed with High Blood Pressure, Arshdeep joined Shubi Husain’s Health Sanctuary and lost 52 Kilos through Quick Weight Loss Program

When 23 year old, Delhi based student, Arshdeep was diagnosed with hypertension (high blood pressure), he literally panicked on hearing the grave risk that he was till then unaware of. However not getting cowed down with the risk that he stood exposed, Arshdeep decided to confront and turn around his life. It was this resolve that he could successfully shed 52 kilograms under the guidance of celebrity nutritionist Shubi Husain, in a record time. To know more about his weight loss journey from Arshdeep, read his story here >>

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