Quresh Songerwala
Quresh Songerwala – The Talent Management Pro (File Photo)

Quresh Songerwala, Founder and Director (Talent) of ‘Global Artist Managers’ has been providing the choicest and hottest in model talent for companies and the film industry at India’s hub Bollywood. With unparalleled focus, determination and grit demonstrated since more than a decade, Quresh strives hard to showcase a diverse view of beauty and talent.

The 53-year-old industry vet took what he learned – and earned– during his struggle to establish his own business and eventually, the agency, a company whose image is now linked with that of raunchy models and exhilarating pools of talent.

Through the years, Quresh’s “Never Give Up” attitude has transformed him into a thorough professional, expanding his clients list to include the best in the local as well as international fashion world.

N4M Media talked with Quresh about why he stuck with his niche, how he continues to advocate integrity in the industry, and how the Web has helped him connect and grow his pool of talent and business.

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N4M Media: Kindly tell us something about your work profile/business including yourself.
Quresh Songerwala: I started off in the Bollywood industry in the year 2000. As a child like many children, i would always fascinate myself to be an actor and was a fan of so many actors n actresses. My family background remotely also is not connected with the film industry.

I was always attracted to this industry n had kept in touch even though i was working in a different occupation. At that time I was looking for opportunities but was very lean although have a good height. Nothing significant happened although I would not mind going in front of the camera even today. Through this journey I was observing the hardships being faced by fresh talents who come from out of Mumbai to fulfill their dreams and listened to some good n some very horrifying experiences. Its mainly due to this that I decided to promote artists in this industry as acting opportunities were anyway not coming n thus started Global Artist Managers.

I am promoting artists in acting, dancing, singing etc. I have built a lot of contacts in this year in terms of artists and production houses,ad agencies and event companies where I promote my talents. I am Mumbai based and so have the cream of contacts whether artists or Directors under my belt.

N4M Media: What was your dream as a person?
Quresh Songerwala: Every man’s dream is common, Fame and Money. Additionally I am aspiring to create at least few stars in this industry.

N4M Media: What is your greatest professional accomplishment till date?
Quresh Songerwala: When two of my talents won International crowns in big beauty pageants. Also my access to celebrities for advertorial purposes/

N4M Media: Have you ever failed in your initiatives? What have you learnt from your failures?
Quresh Songerwala: The start is always slow and many people do take you for a ride by creating fake opportunities just to check out on your database and get in touch with them directly. Today also its the same with many people but I am not insecure because of that as I know my artists have faith in me and they will work though my agency whenever work opportunities come.To create faith and a good name is the biggest achievement in this industry. Important thing that I have learnt is and which I also explain to my artists is that u can take opinions from many people but do what ur mind says is correct. Others have various motives when giving u guidance, so do what you feel is right for you.

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N4M Media: What are your ideals?
Quresh Songerwala: Hardwork, hardwork and only hardwork.

N4M Media: How many hours a day you work on an average?
Quresh Songerwala: I work 24×7, 365 days. The day I don’t have work is my holiday and I do create some time for my family as well.Have been on various trips to different places to take a break from work.

N4M Media: What is the best decision you’ve ever made?
Quresh Songerwala: Currently,I have my agency as an in-house casting agency for a very reputed production house and I am also doing casting from outside sources also.In this process I am slowly shifting to talent management wherein my focus will be limited to only those artists who sign with my agency exclusively.

N4M Media: What stimulated your ideas to start a new business venture or to bring significant changes in an existing business/at work place?
Quresh Songerwala: As I mentioned in my introduction,the hardships new artists face especially those who come from outside Mumbai and India especially. They don’t find right people and right directions and that’s why I thought of getting them to the right people instead of wasting their time but this of course only happens with those who approach me or who I approach.There must be many that do not come into my contact.

N4M Media: What effective strategies you have implemented/initiatives you have taken to achieve success?
Quresh Songerwala: I just believe in being honest and straight-forward to the artists I meet.Due to my vast experience I can advise them what is the right direction they should move into n the people they should meet. Many times I meet models who need lot of polishing and grooming to come into the category of being called a model or actor and that’s where I provide them the right guidance. I don’t give false hopes.Even if any of my artists have gone for look tests I tell them the outcome, positive or negative. Also when any casting is received I primarily look into the genuinity of the project and the project people before even exchanging profiles with them.

N4M Media: How do you define success? What is your take on the ways to achieve long term success?
Quresh Songerwala: Success to me is the work satisfaction you get out of your work and especially when you achieved when u plan something and it is executed successfully.Money is not the measure of success,its your work satisfaction that defines success.For acheiving this you have to have a lot of patience,bear up with different people as everybody has a different nature n that calls for studying their mindset and accordingly communicating with them.

N4M Media: Please tell us about your future plans.
Quresh Songerwala: I want to transform some of my talents into Stars….!!!

N4M Media: Who has been your greatest inspiration?
Quresh Songerwala: My immediate family who supported me at a time when I was completely shattered work-wise and financially.

N4M Media: Whom do you attribute your success to?
Quresh Songerwala: There are quite a few people who u meet in such a long work period,cant exactly pin-point anybody in particular for having inspired you to acheive success. Hard work and your seriousness towards your work will be the main factors that make you achieve success.

N4M Media: Do you think your personal life is affected by your professional life? How?
Quresh Songerwala: Yes of course it is very seriously affected.This industry I have to work 24/7 and no scope of taking things easy and this has cut me off to quite a good extent with my family and friends.Social life is hardly there as there is always shortage of time and by the time I get free many of the rest are asleep.

N4M Media: What do you think is the biggest challenge facing Bollywood these days?
Quresh Songerwala: Achieving Stardom and then maintaining that stardom / success.












Glimpse of some of the talent groomed at Quresh’s “Global Artist Managers”

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  1. Hi Shalini,firstly i would advise you to complete ur studies n since u want to get into this industry,currently u can focus on print shoots,tv commercials and other short assignments.You can send me ur profile n pix to qesongerwala@gmail.com with your contact details and we will take it up from there.Regards/Quresh.

  2. Hi Quresh Sir, I am just finishing my 12th and want to make a career in modelling / film industry. Pls guide me how to go about it. I am from Bhopal. Thank youuuu.
    Shalini Antwal


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