With majority of Delhiites already having benefited immensely from Aam Aadmi Party’s tightening of screws on the Delhi Electricity Supplying Companies and the Delhi Jal Board, the latest poll promise has sent a wave of happiness amongst Delhi walas.

Ahead of the MCD polls, Aam Aadmi Party convenor and Delhi’s Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal today vowed to abolish residential house tax in Municipal Corporations and waive off all arrears of such taxes, if his party is voted to power.

Addressing a press conference, Mr Kejriwal said, “We will abolish residential house tax and waive off all arrears of such taxes in MCD if AAP wins. However, industrial and commercial tax will be there,’ he asserted.

The Chief Minister said, “AAP is confident of turning around MCD within a year to a profit making department. We will make payment of salaries to the employees of the Corporations on the 7th of every month ‘We will also initiate action against those indulged in corruption in MCD and harassed the common man,’ the AAP convenor said.

It is a known fact that much of the house tax charged by the government from the residents remains as arrears. With every house getting to benefit from Arvind Kejriwal’s promise, it seems AAP has scored a point even much before the BJP and Congress could realize that the race to the polls has begun.

When asked about the delivery of AAP’s earlier poll promise on Electricity and Water, most of the residents were quick to admit that Yes, the electricity bills did come down drastically and that Arvind Kejriwal did deliver what he had promised.

One Mr Rohit of Model Town when asked about his reaction on Kejriwal’s earlier poll promise on electricity, had this to say. “First time in my life I saw a leader deliver what he said. Within few months itself my electricity charges came down to almost half. While I used to pay 8000 per month, it now has come to approx 4500 per month, a drastic drop.” He further added, “While everywhere the prices increase year on year, its first time in India’s history that electricity bills have actually come down. You can count on me and my family’s vote to Arvind Kejriwal’s party only.”

AAP, the new entrant in the MCD fray is leaving no stone unturned to win the threes MCDs from the ruling BJP. The polling for the MCD is scheduled to be held on April 23. The three Municipal Corporations all together have 272 seats

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