Song writer and Pop singer Imcha Imchen carries his heart on his sleeve as he sings Melody, enthralling the listeners with his proclamation of love. The new record is available through his parent label, Springboard Records.

Imcha Imchen is a multilingual singer songwriter and music producer from Nagaland.  He explored and developed his passion for music from a very young age, experimenting with covers and originals till he released his debut music video “Moving On” at the tender age of 18.  Soon after he released “Sinner” gaining wide exposure across mediums and platforms.

Melody is the personification of Imcha’s fantasy dream of love which is overpowering and overwhelming.  Love truly makes the world go round and the song talks about a lover so struck and captivated by love where every glance can kill and every look can resurrect.Speaking on the release, Imcha commented, “Love is omnipotent and omnipresent.  Yet, it is an emotion which makes your heart beat faster every time you see your loved one and the melody of that heart beat is sweeter than anything else.  I am grateful to the team at Springboard Records and my mentor, Ashish Manchanda for supporting me in this endeavour and allowing me to fully express myself artistically. I am confident that Melody will strike a chord with people across age groups and makes its a place in everyone’s hearts!!”

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Imcha has turned his passion for music into a path which is already taking him places.  His major influences Bruno Mars, Bazzi, Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra as they compose and write beautiful lyrics with catchy melodies. His emotive vocals add to the pictorial experience that strikes the listener as a beautiful amalgamation

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