Millions of people are observing Ramadan during coronavirus outbreak. This year enthusiasm and zeal of fasting is same even though under a lockdown which unfortunately continues through the holy month.

Every year, muslims fast from dawn to dusk for the lunar month. It means no eating and drinking and due to lockdown surely it has become more difficult for them.

Ramadan is the holy Islamic month dedicated to discipline and self reflection.

During pandemic situation, suhoor meals before sunrise and iftars in evening have taken another face for sure. For sure it has become private affair this year.

Talking to Riyaz Ahmad Bhat, a resident of Baramulla, Kashmir says, “Most of the people are saving money, which they used to spend during ramzan, to help the needy.”

Further explaining on the issue he adds, ” Hand shaking and hugging to each other is very common in our community particularly in this month, but it is missing this year.”

Expressing his grief Riyaz says, “Lockdown with internet and without internet is very different. People in Kashmir is in lockdown since August 5.”

Then he further adds, “Without internet we can not even do online donations if we want to.”

Talking to Aashi Akeel, a resident from Delhi, says “Going Nizamuddin was our yearly ritual and this time also me and my friends planned for the same, but couldn’t. This is the only month, which not only muslims but people from another religion wait for the holy month to come. Special foods, qawwalli attract people from everywhere, but this time all local enjoyments are not possible.”

Ramandan under lockdown
People throng Delhi’s Jama Masjid praying – A reminder of “Good Days, Gone Past”. (Representational Image, Credits: Chattrapal (Shitij) Singh)

Further she adds, “Of course, I accept that lockdown is important during this pandemic time. I just wish everything become normal and people stay healthy in lockdown and hope for best.”

While muslims are fasting, it is very important to pay attention that you include high protein food in your meals. Many health experts advice that shoot meals are must for the the person who are working for long hours.

Also if we see during lockdown most people are working from home, of which people are complaining of anxiety and more stress. Therefore, they must keep attention to not skip the shoot meals.

Here are some tips to make your meals healthy and stay active all day long:

Mindful eating

Summer is at it peaks and fasting during hot weather has always been a challenge, but if you do mindful eating you can stay healthy. Try to opt for foods rich in proteins, vitamins and fiber, like fruits and nuts. It will make you feel energized and enthusiastic. One food which you must not forget too add in the meals is almonds.

Almonds are not only rich in different nutrients, but it keeps your hunger away.

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Sleep well

During ramadan people wake up early for the shoot meals, therefore there is a change in sleep cycle. Therefore,  you must try to balance your work and sleep, otherwise due to lack of sleep you will be lethargic all day can fall sick. Make a routine in which you must include seven to eight hours of sleep before you wake up early. A healthy sleep is very important for overall well being of a person.

Some workout will work as wonders

Fasting whole day for a month can make you feel low and less energetic. And specially during lockdown when you are quarantined, little bit of meditation and workout can make you feel calm.

It is not necessary to do high intensity workouts, instead you can go for some breathing, stair climbing or stretching. It will rejuvenate your mind.

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Give yourself some sunshine

Open your windows and doors to let enter some sunlights in your room. It literally work like a hope in a gloomy days. Sunlights improve metabolism in body, which helps you in become more productive. As it lightens up the mood, you will be more energetic and active during the day.

Usually people avoid being in sun during fasting thinking of dehydration but lockdown period is not the same. We are inside and consuming very less sunlight, therefore you must let enter some sun rays to keep the laziness behind.

Read some novel

What will be the best time to read novel. You must be at your homes with pot of lending books to be read. So leave all the excuses behind and start reading books, which you always thought of reading in spare time. Reading always broaden up your perspective and vocabulary,  so why ti waste time pick up a book and start reading to make your self feel comfortable.

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