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GST – An Opportunity To Strengthen Cooperative Federalism

Both the Centre and the States have to make compromises and find a solution. Some of these enumerated in this article could prevent Center from defaulting and will be truly cooperative federalism in the making.

MSME’s Demonetisation and GST Woes; Blame Govt For “Only Interested In...

The findings of a latest survey amongst Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) has confirmed the hardships undergone by this sector following demonetisation and...

Luxury Car Makers See Red, Mercedes Calls GST Cess Increase Unfortunate

Hyderabad (IANS): Luxury Car makers are in for a shock again. After being mute spectators to Indian governments frequent and sudden rule changes, that...

Why do Some Indians Resist Paying Taxes – Interesting Thoughts Of...

Interesting thoughts of citizens of India as to why some Indians, more so from the businesses and trading communities resist paying taxes. As the historic...