The rapid rise of India to number one position in the world with over 3.3 lacs new  Covid cases per day is a clear indication of our failure to take heed from wave one of Covid-19 that was managed reasonably well with prolonged nationwide  lockdown.

Strict enforcement of lockdown though resulted into untold misery to millions of migrant workers and a serious blow to nations economy, however resulted into arresting the speed of Corona Virus that was appreciated by one and all.

It was expected that the sufferings of millions of migrant workers would not be forgotten and their sacrifice, even their walking hundreds of miles bare foot would compel us the people and the government to manage the post lockdown period with great care and caution.

But then the post lockdown management had required that both the government as well as the people to take heed from the Covid-19 and exercise enough caution and observe safety measures till the nation becomes completely safe from this deadly virus. This was not done.

The way lockdown was unlocked by first opening the liquor and gutka shops and the way society also took casually the measures like social distancing and wearing of face masks invited Corona to become more furious with its new variants.

What more the sustained focus on sanitizing the public places and large scale Fumigation for wiping out corona traces was more or less abandoned. We are paying a heavy price for this lapse on part of civic authorities.

It must not be forgotten that prevention is much cheaper than the cure and it applies aptly in the case of deadly pandemic which is now known to have a cyclic behavior. Nothing prevented the government and the civic authorities to take RWAs on board in mounting a massive exercise of Sanitization and Fumigation at regular intervals as also to educate people that it makes a good sense to protect themselves rather than to risk their life.

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Not too late still. While the government is doing its best to tackle the health  emergency by  augmenting  the Healthcare Services to fight out the monumental problem arising out of the increasing number of cases, it would be highly prudent to  besides enforcing  night curfews and lockdowns,  to carryout  frequently a massive drive of Sanitization and Fumigation of all public places, residential colonies with active involvement of RWAs so that people at large become part of the movement to defeat Corona virus and succeed in wiping  it out of India in the shortest possible time.

Even now if we take the heed in right earnest, we shall win and assure a healthy and bright future of our people and surely bounce back to a roaring economy by riding the Corona wave 2 successfully.

The time to act is now before it becomes too late.

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