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Celebrity Nutritionist’s Amazingly Simple But Innovative Weight Loss Procedure – 1/2...

Since the time this innovative combo weight loss procedure has been introduced by celebrity nutritionist Shubi Husain in her clinics in Delhi & NCR,...

All That You Wanted To Know About ‘The Mediterranean Diet’

All About The Mediterranean Diet: Often people associate the word ‘Diet’ with deprivation and weight loss. But in reality the word diet describes our...

Nutritionally Balanced And Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

WHATS IN THE BOX - HEALTHY LUNCH BOX IDEAS A healthy meal is crucial for a healthy living. Our present day lifestyle gives us lot...

My Fitness Program – 5 Steps To Get Started | N4M...

When to Kick Start My Fitness Program Life is all about planning. Planning for education, marriage, children, home, so on and so forth. Similarly we...

Top 5 Anytime Anywhere Fitness Workouts For Busy People

Top 5 Anytime Anywhere Fitness Workouts For Busy People In our busy lives trying to completing the necessary daily chores and meet up the official...

Diet Tips On Healthy Living For Children

Good nutrition is important for a child’s growth and development. Children, who do not receive sufficient food, especially during their critical growth periods, suffer from malnutrition. Proper nutrition improves mental functioning and increases immunity.

Top 12 Healthy Foods For Your Overall Well Being

Here are your 12 'must have' healthy foods for overall well-being Tomatoes: One serving of red, ripe, raw tomatoes is a good source of vitamins A,...

Top Ten Tips For Good Health

Ten Tips For Good Health Good health and good mind are two of the life’s greatest blessings. To ensure good health, eat lightly, breathe deeply, live...

Effective Dietitian Tips To Lose Weight Fast

A practical list of advices covering both your diet and lifestyle regimes to tweak your eating habits to lose weight and as a result, your body-shape and figure.

How To Get Rid of Double Chin and Face Fat Fast...

If you too yearn for a perfect face shape and that beautifully carved jawline and wish to go in for a quick reduction of your double chin & facial flab / cellulite through non-invasive, painless procedure, then Ultra-Lipolysis at Health Sanctuary is 'The Procedure' for you.

Top 3 Best Weight Loss And Slimming Clinics / Centres In...

Obesity, weight Loss and widening waistlines are a major health concern faced by manking today. Today’s sedentary lifestyles, spending long hours in office, diminishing...

Top 10 Best Weight Loss Clinics in India – Aug 2020

The list of the Top 10 Best Weight Loss Clinics in India. Updated on quarterly basis. The contact numbers of some Clinics have been provided for your ease and reference.

Interview With Celebrity Nutritionist Shubi Husain “Is Good Fat Good?”

N4M Network team finally caught up with celebrity nutritionist Shubi Husain at her plush New Delhi, India office. During the exclusive interview that followed,...

Shubi Husain – The Star Nutritionist & Business Woman

Star Nutritionist Shubi Husain is a well known celebrity, obesity expert and business woman. She is the founder and Managing Director of Weight Loss &...