Good health and good mind are two of the life’s greatest blessings. To ensure good health, eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life. To get successful and rich, never endanger your health, for it is the truth of life that health is the wealth of wealth. Your body is God’s temple and try to value it before it’s gone.

Let’s look up to these ten easy ways to protect and heal our body:

1. Less processed, more fresh

Purchasing and eating fresh fruits and vegetables ensures more nutrients and better taste devoid of any chemicals, preservatives and dyes. So to ensure good health always start with choosing fresh and organic and least processed.

2. Less salt, more vinegar

One step to healthy living is to cut the amount of salt one consumes as it is the prime reason for high blood pressure and hypertension leading to heart diseases and renal complications. Instead use apple cider vinegar or normal fruit vinegar to your salads and soups, as vinegar is not just helpful in enhancing the taste of your meal but also aids in weight loss and improved blood sugar levels.

3. Less sugar, more fruit

Fruits have been recognized as good source of essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals and also fiber if eaten as a whole. Being a ready supply of all these nutrients makes fruits the best option for healthy snacking devoid of any extra sugar, artificial colourings or preservatives. Have them fresh and whole to get maximum health benefit.

4. Less eating, more chewing

Well the point here is to make you relish your food to the maximum. Logic is when you chew thoroughly; the digestive system activates to release the gastric juices and enzymes helping in to digest the food properly and in turn we get the maximum nutrients possible. Also the more we take time to chew our food, the earlier we feel satiety as our brain signals us feeling full and hence we do not over consume. So next time you take your platter don’t forget to chew it a little more.

5. Less words, more action

As the saying goes “action speaks more than words”, sounds very true for our health. Action here means a regular physical workout that will not only keep you active physically but mentally as well. This workout may be as simple as a walk or hard training session at a gym. Whatever you choose the prime concern should be to get motivated and keep moving.

6. Less alcohol, more tea

Not over with the booze yet; then try now. Alcohol is a make you stupid drug which makes you forget some of the best moments of your life. Instead try on some other addiction. Start with a strong cup of milk tea to black tea and end it up with green tea. Tea has antioxidants, less caffeine than coffee, helps in losing weight, protects bone, reduces risk of heart disease and protects against cancer. With so many qualities, it also helps you smile brightly. Say cheers to tea.

7. Less greed, more giving

Being healthy is not constrained to being physically fit; it also includes mental well being. Life becomes bliss when you are happy and content. True sense of joy comes when you become self-less. Our lives become richer when we give not valuables but our time, smile and joy to others around. When we give ourselves to the service of others whole-heartedly, it fills our life with joy and nourishes our soul in return.

8. Less worry, more sleep

Sleep is as important as food. Getting a good night’s sleep can make us feel ready to take on the world. Sleep is vital for better immune function, metabolism, memory, learning and other necessary body functions. Getting at least 7-9 hrs of sleep at night does not only boosts your body metabolism, but may actually boost up the mood, sex life and even help in weight loss. So grab your comfy mattress and get a good night sleep.

9. Less driving, more walking

If you are not that much regular with your workout, still you can feel healthy by adapting small changes in your life for example starting walking small distances instead of taking out your vehicle and wasting the petrol. Use your body fuel to get moving and in return you may feel jovial and full of energy.

10. Less anger, more laughter

Anger can be as damaging as stress. Anger can affect our physical, emotional, social and spiritual health. This means that dysfunctional or unhealthy anger can impact on every aspect of our life in exactly the same ways: fatigue, sleep disturbance, lowered sex drive, withdrawal, lowered tolerance threshold, increased alcohol, tobacco or drug dependency and weight gain.  Worried?

Don’t be!!!! Because as we say laughter is the best medicine so we should follow. Laugh out loud and laugh more often. Your smile can spread happiness not only to others but to your inner-self because when you smile, life smiles at you. Why to frown on the things that will end up giving you hypertension. Chuck the frustration and find happiness in small things around you.

So guys always remember; good health is a journey, a process – Not a destination. So be healthy, eat well, live well !!!!!

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