The important question “Should university education be focused at benefiting the individual or the human society?”

Amity University Gurugram organized an intellectually stimulating webinar on “The International Currency of Learning: Should a University Education Benefit the Individual or Human Society?” under the banner of “The International Expert Talk series”. The Session was delivered by Prof. (Dr.) Alison Shaw, Professor of Practice for Student Success and Progression, Newcastle University, UK. Following the vision of our Hon’ble Chancellor Dr. Aseem Chauhan on augmenting internationalization, AUG has an active interface with accomplished academicians across the world regularly.

Prof. (Dr.) Alison Shaw talked about the mega trends and role of individual contribution towards them. She accentuated on the wider role of university education for the betterment of both the individual and the society. She elaborated that Universities are the community of faculty and scholars, exist for the public benefit and advancement of education, learning and research. In a world of great inequality, there is a risk that education can be a passport only to the privileged and wealthy. She emphasized that Universities should consider their strategies to result in teaching, research and impacting on the society to solve local and global issues.

Prof. Shaw had a great message for the student community. She advised that the students should consider designing their future in the interest of their own wellbeing, as well as a for a greater common good to serve the society. She stressed on the importance of the combination of learning, research, scholarship, international collaboration and interdisciplinary education that the university provides. In order to do this, student should not only achieve the deep knowledge of their disciplines but should be prepared for inter-disciplinary partnerships, inter-disciplinary friendships and find experiences which enable them to apply their knowledge in the context.

University Education
“The International Expert Talk series”, Webinar conducted by Amity University (Photo: N4M, 28.12.2020)

Prof. Shaw highlighted the importance of collaboration across cultures, across boundaries and across disciplines to solve global issues such as the ongoing pandemic. She also shared insights to develop leadership thinking.

Currently, as Professor of Success and Progression at the prestigious Newcastle University, UK, she is a member of the senior executive team and works with all three of the University’s Faculties to help develop the curricula, teaching and student experiences to provide the very best opportunities for students to thrive in the workplace of the future. She is the Vice-President of NFER, the leading independent UK provider of education research and insights; sits on several Boards, including the Digital Steering Group of the regional Enterprise Partnership and mentors several young academics and entrepreneurs.”

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Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) PB Sharma appreciated the great work and insights shared by Prof. Shaw and expressed his happiness over the presence of the esteemed academician at the webinar.

The discussion was hosted and moderated by Vice-President- RBEF and Director- International Affairs, Prof. (Dr.) Gunjan M Sanjeev. While delivering her remarks, she emphasized on the role of collaboration and that University education must integrate interdisciplinary, inter-cultural and international learning in order to prepare students to solve global issues.

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Dean-Faculty of Arts, Prof. UN Singh mentioned that in order to address mega trends, interdisciplinary education and intercultural exposure are very crucial and university education must integrate and impart the two elements along with the deep disciplinary knowledge.”

Other Senior key officials including Prof. (Dr.) Arvind Chabra, Director ASCI and Director-AIBAS, Prof. (Dr.) Rajesh Nair were also present at the session. The session was appreciated and witnessed by over two hundred participants from both India as well as overseas.  Ms. Shaivy Sharma coordinated the session and thanked all panelists and audience for their active contribution.

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