If you want to improve your score, then you have to focus on your writing skills. Content writing is what will help you in achieving a credible position concerning the search engine. 

In this brief traction, we have mentioned some tips that would help you improvise your position for sure. If you are interested in the growth of your site, then you should read this post till the very last tip!

Write for your audience

Well, this is the most important tip that you should know about. If you are starting a website or a content writing business, then you should ensure that you are writing for your audience first and then for the search engine. 

If your audience is appreciating your content, then it would surely be recognized by the search engine, but this does not go the other way round. The audience can easily reject the content appreciated by the search engine. So, your main priority should be audience satisfaction!

Keep Content Original

One important though simple content writing tip is that the content should be unique if you want to see it at the top of SERPs. The search engines will not carry your content in the top 10 if it is plagiarized. This is the reason that you must have a plagiarism checker in your pocket. Plagiarismdetector.net is one such fairly accurate and free plagiarism checker website that can help you in scanning your posts for all sorts of duplications. Use of an online plagiarism tool is mandatory because it helps you find and remove most of the replications that otherwise are harmful to your website and seo. The above mentioned copyright checker online is a free and reliable service that’s very helpful and ideal for writers.

Add headlines and subheadings in your content

You must know that user-engagement is very much important for a positive seo score. You can only engage the audience on your page if you have good quality content under a reliable structure. Adding headings and subheadings to your content would help you in making it more appealing and attractive. 

According to recent stats, headings can help you increase your audience by 35%. Another important tip is to enter a list of bullet points in your content!

Use keywords in your content

Using relevant and high-authority keywords are very important. You can add keywords in headlines, subheadings, and even in the title of your content other than in the body. Additionally must add a formal quantity of keywords in your content body. 

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Relevant and high-ranked keywords can be found by using online services like the Google keyword finder. An important content writing tip is to keep in mind that you should never overstuff your content body with keywords. Doing so can affect the quality of your work and can easily get marked as spam.

Incorporate images

One should know that adding images is an important part of content management. Images are thought to be important because they are more appealing if we compare them with text. Images can increase your audience ratio by more than 65%, and this is a big gain for a business. 

You can easily find relevant and usable images if you use the image finder or reverse image search tools. Adding images is a very important tip, but you must know that you should never steal images that are not free to use.

Connect with social media accounts

You can easily connect with social media accounts to increase the traffic on your content. Today 80% of people are using social media, and this is why we also recommend you to connect with social media platforms. 

content writing tips - social media
Connect with social media accounts (Representative Image, Photo Credits: Andrea Piacquadio)

You can add teasers for your content on social media; these teasers should be crispy, unique and should be visually attractive. You can easily increase website traffic by more than 70% if you use social media tools in the right way!

Promote backlinking!

Another important content writing tip is about the backlinks. Backlinks are important, and there must be no doubt about it. People might misguide you about backlinking, but you should not put an ear to this kind of rumor. The only way a backlink can be bad for your site is when you do not have relevance with it. 

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People tend to add as many links as possible to their content without checking their authority or relevancy with their niche. When you ignore the relevancy factor, then your work is automatically marked as spam and is rejected by the audience. You can use modern backlink tools to connect with the most credible and relevant links!

Monitor your domain authority

It would be best if you always kept your domain authority in check. This would help you find out all the aspects that are affecting your seo score. You can know about the health of your backlinks, the position of the keywords that you have added to your content and other ranking factors. Also knowing about your page loading speed and the factors affecting it is important. The DA checker by smallseotools is good enough to find out the damaging factors on your site and in your content. 

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