‘Rare’ Surgery performed at the American Oncology Institute.

  • 10.2 kg tumor removed from the female ovary
  • Diagnosis of a tumor was due to Meigs syndrome
  • AOI Surgical Oncologist Dr. Phanindrakumar Nagishetti saves woman from death

A rare surgery was performed by a team led by Surgical Oncologist Dr. Phanindrakumar and Dr. Nageswara Rao Kukkadala, Anesthesiologist of the American Institute of Oncology. The doctors successfully removed the huge tumor that had formed in the woman’s left ovary. Dr. Phanindrakumar Nagishetti disclosed the details of the treatment at a press conference on Wednesday at the American Institute of Oncology in Pedakakani. According to him, a 47-year-old woman from Jandrapet, Prakasam district, had been admitted to AOI four months back as she was suffering from severe bloating, shortness of breath, and abnormally large abdomen.

American Oncology Institute, Pedakakani, Guntur Senior Surgical Oncologist Dr. Phanindrakumar Nagishetti performed the necessary tests and found a lump in the woman’s left ovary. Besides the abnormal growth of the tumor in the ovary, water had reached the abdomen and lungs.

10.2 kg tumor removed from the female ovary in a rare surgery (Pic: N4M)

The doctors found that the patient was having difficulty in breathing and also the patient underwent a hysterectomy operation to remove a 10.2 kg large lump that had formed in her ovary. Dr. Phanindrakumar Nagishetti said that a woman was diagnosed with a tumor in her ovary due to a rare disease called Meigs Syndrome, but despite the cancer-like symptoms, the latest technology in AOI was able to diagnose a patient suffering from Meigs Syndrome.

The patient, who recovered after the operation, spoke at the meeting and thanked the AOI medical professionals who helped in the recovery.

The medical team of the American Institute of Oncology, comprises of Dr. Phanindra Kumar Nagishetti, Dr. Nageshwara Rao Kukkadala,    Dr. Dhan Raju KM, Dr. Appala Satya Srinivas, Dr. Sudhakar Kotlapati, Dr. Yashwant Pamidi, Dr. Jitendra Kumar Kancherla, Dr. Amrita Guguloth, and AOI Center Head Hema Kumar, Dr. Sudarshan Babu Nanda and Andhra Pradesh Regional Director Mahendra Reddy. Contact 7330901188 for more details.

About American Institute of Oncology: 

The American Institute of Oncology (AOI) is the only hospital in India with the highest standards of cancer treatment protocols and state-of-the-art standards, providing the highest level of expertise in cancer treatment, providing comprehensive cancer treatment to international standards with the support of world-class technology. Cancer Hospital American Oncology Institute, Guntur, Vijayawada, a world-class cancer treatment provider with state-of-the-art technology in medical oncology, hematology, surgical oncology, and radiotherapy by experienced medical professionals.

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