Almost all of us read History at school. We read about the great Mughals and the kingdoms and the golden era across Hindustan. Did we ever think independently as to what was the real reason why it all ended. We read about the East India Co, the infightings amongst princely states and bla bla all reasons that are no doubt true. We actually go by what we are told or shown by the media (print or now digital) and we form our so called own opinions based on our upbringings, that we subscribe to from the limited alternatives that we come across. (Power of Media).

Infact I personally feel that while the Mughals were busy building Mahals and Forts and enjoying Mujras (not that enjoying is taboo) in Raj Durbars, Somewhere in other part of the world there were revolutions going on, R&D’s, people and regimes working hard and building educational institutions, testing guns and armaments and so on.

As a result, just like water flows and levels out all amounts of unevenness, cultures and communities, or for that matter nations and regions flourished with all pervasiveness, wiping out all those that were complacent with the swords being no match to the technologically advanced guns in those times. (Wish Rani Laxmibai could have fought with a gun instead of a sword)

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Infact what I intend to convey is that if we as a community or as a nation or as a region do not compete on an equal footing with those more advanced (worldly matters) in some other part of the world then sooner than later, are bound to meet the same terrible fate as mentioned above. History is replete with examples, The Red Indians in US, the Aborigines of Australia and Maoris of New Zealand all faltered as communities and races coz they tried to remain in a cocoon, building their own ghettos, isolated from the world.

In todays context, the first tool to compete for anyone is the modern education (worldly), staying abreast with the developments globally and trying to help in community development, which in turn transforms to national development and to regional development on a larger scale. Any slackness in this is bound to be a monumental blunder that will question the very existence of communities/nations/regions in the near future.

Survival in this tech driven era that keeps changing every minute will be a challenge for future generations. All the very Best. Enjoy!!!

PN: My thoughts are my own gained through a vast and varied exposure and experience and travel that i happened to gain over a period of time. My write up should be read from a global perspective and in the process we should make an effort to think beyond national boundaries. Difficult but we must try. Hope you all do ponder. Responses, both critical and appreciative are welcome.


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