At a time when every section of the society has been affected by Corona pandemic, the lawyers too are bearing the brunt of it.

Dr. Kislay Panday, an eminent lawyer at the supreme court of India said “young lawyers are the torch bearers of Indian judicial system and responsible for upholding the democracy in the Country but right now they are in distress as Corona Pandemic has robbed them of their livelihood”. Dr. Kislay was speaking at a function held at Feroz Shah Road, New Delhi to felicitate the young lawyers who have joined the profession this year. A Financial assistance of Rs. 5 lakhs each was announced for 12 young lawyers.

World Jurist Welfare Foundation (WJWF) headed by Dr Kislay Panday is providing this financial assistance to twelve practicing lawyers who had suffered due to Corona Pandemic. Dr. Kislay Panday also announced 12 scholarships for bright law students from across the country. Eminent lawyer Gyanendra Prasad Mishra, solicitor Supreme Court of India, Mr. Varun Vats, solicitor Delhi High court and Mr. Bhandu DevPanday of Allahabad High court were present at the function

Dr. Panday had earlier launched the Foundation a year back to help the lawyers and law students who are unable to grasp the reality of the courtroom. “Indeed, there is a vast difference between the atmosphere in the classroom and the courtroom. In the courtroom, a small mistake can ruin your career. Besides, there are protocols and etiquettes to learn and familiarize with. Unfortunately, young lawyers coming from small towns and villages do not have the exposure and are bowled over. The grooming of young lawyers is very important and that is what we do at World Jurist Welfare Foundation” Dr. Kislay Panday said while addressing the young lawyers and law students.

Mr. Gyanendra Prasad Mishra lauded the efforts of Dr KislayPandayand said that due to Corona Pandemic many lawyers are facing hardships and need immediate help which the Foundation is providing.

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This initiative is meant for young and upcoming lawyers as well as the lawyers who are going through the lean patch. “Many lawyers are unable to make a decent living when they start their practice just because things are not right for them, we help them financially as well as provide them whatever it takes to establishing them as a lawyer”, says Dr. Kislay Panday.

It nurtures the young law students and prepares them for the challenges they face in the Indian judicial system. This facility is run by World Jurist Welfare Foundation and managed by the honorary members of the Foundation who are eminent lawyers in the country.

Mr. Sanjay Mishra Advocate Allahabad received the “most promising lawyer of 2020” while receiving the award he said that an award like this goes a long way in boosting the morale of a young professional.

Mr. Bhanu DevPanday hailed the efforts of Dr. Kislay Panday saying that he has walked the talk and his actions are helping many young lawyers to withstand the tough times.

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