Gokoronago website launch

NR Group has announced the launch a unique platform ‘goKoronago.com’ which is aimed at providing hygiene products to common man at discounted price. Its India’s first website which is fully dedicated to health essentials like masks and hand cleanser. The website was launched recently in Mumbai by Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela.

The company is offering free Delivery of products in the form of Family Safety Kit, Office Safety Kit and Society Safety Kit. The masks and Sanitizers are made locally in India and quality standards have been fully maintained.

Wearing a mask and using a sanitizer has now become an essential part of the daily routine for every person to avoid the Corona epidemic. But the irony is that these essential products like are being sold at retail outlets or online sites at MRP, whereas its manufacturing cost is just half of it.

NR Group has pledged to provide these superior quality masks and sanitizers to the common man at a very low price through it’s website goKoronago.com, which will be delivered directly to your doorstep.Poster of goKoronago.com

The promoter of this company Nilesh N Raghani says, “Of the many companies under the NR Group, the latest being goKoronago.com which will be used as a platform to supply essential products to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. The company wants the common man to have access to these essentials at a 40-50 percent discount so that the same is affordable to all. We offer a Family Kit, which includes 4 Masks and 2 Hand Sanitizers/Cleansers plus essential safety items. The Masks are 3 three layered, it is Anti-Microbial, Water Repellent and washable up to a minimum of 30 times. Furthermore, it is skin friendly being made of 100% cotton fabric sourced from a reputed company.”

Nilesh N Raghani further adds, “There will neither be a wholesaler, nor a retailer, due to which the best quality products are offered at such huge discounts. We will deliver these Masks and Sanitizers at your doorstep at factory cost as a service to humanity in the form of Safety Kit. We are introducing a Family Safety Kit, Office Safety Kit and Society Kit which users can buy at a never before low price. We are starting this initiative as a moral and social obligation – to prevent the Corona epidemic from spreading in this country. NR Group is the 1st company in India, which has kept the common man in mind – provide a superior quality product at an extremely low price. Let me tell you that there is no company in India that has thought of such a concept.”

Nilesh N Raghani concludes, “The jingle of our company is ‘Achchi Cheeze, Achche Daam, Ab Desh Ke Naam’. People can buy these essentials at the click of a button and we will supply them these products right at their doorstep. We have named our website “goKoronago.com”, as we want this Corona to run away and let us take a sigh of relief.”

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