Why do we become self-confident? Self-confidence is always born from succeeding. Self-confident people succeed in everything: career, finances, relationships, parenting – whatever they take up.

What Can We Do To Become Really Self-Confident?

Let’s take a piece of advice from an Enlightened, extraordinary woman – Shakuntali.  She is the reincarnation of the Ukok princess, a temple priestess. The Spiritual Master of Shakuntali is Sri Aurobindo. Shakuntali possesses clairvoyance, the energy of the goddess, the talent of the instant opening of predestination, spiritual growth and healing abilities.
Shakuntali’s mission is to help women all around the world to gain their natural Power given to them by birth but well-forgotten.

Shakuntali offers you 7 tips on how to become self-confident and free. This advice is based on the ancient wisdom that Shakuntali possesses as a gift from God.

Your weaknesses may become your advantages – just think it another way!
Love your weaknesses. You are a unique, talented woman. You have got to love yourself every single minute. Even if you sometimes do something wrong, even if your nose, ears or shape is not that perfect. By the way, the limits of “perfection” in appearance were established by people, and honestly speaking, we are far from being objective.
So, if you love yourself completely, unconditionally, the people around you would not see your “weak” sides, they will see only Woman of Power.

1You Do Not Have to Please Everybody

It is very convenient for people to have such a person by their side. You never say “no”, always ready to work for the colleague; you do everything you can be praised for. And people like you. But is this the attitude you need, will these people be your real friends in the end? Do they respect you? No, you are just very convenient.
Remember that you do not have to be liked by everybody. Take your time and your wishes. Take your right to say “no”. This is the state the self-confidence and self-respect are born from.

2Use Negativeness as Opportunities

Tips for Regaining Self Confidence - Shakuntali
Shakuntali – The enlightened and the extraordinary, reincarnate of the Ukok princess and a temple priestess (Photo: N4M)

Lost the job? Change your profession for something you have always been dreaming of. Worrying for unfortunate relationships? Give it up and enjoy free time for self-development and hobby. Shakuntali always says that there are no negative events in our life, what may be negative is our attitude to them. Try to be always positive and take all the possible advantages of any life situation.

3Be Sincerely Happy For The Other’s Achievements

Being envious is the fate of an unsure person. Enviousness does take a tremendous amount of your energy and doesn’t give you anything good.
Be happy for the achievements of the others – this is their life, their achievements, and you have yours.

4Make The Choice By Yourself Only

Always take your own decisions and learn to be responsible for them. Nothing else trains the self-confidence more than this.

5Asking For Help Is Not a Weakness!

Feel free to ask for help – this is not the weakness. You cannot be the best in everything, admit that some people can do or know something better than you and gladly give you the advice.

6Do Not Forget That It Is Universe That We Must Be Grateful For Everything To

Remember that everything is sent to us by God, or the Universe – whatever you like. Be grateful for it every day, every minute. That is how the real self-confident Woman of Power does.

A Dancer And Bureaucrat – Rare Combo In Padma Shri Shovana

7Shakuntali Has Special Mudra For You To Increase And Maintain Your Self-Confidence

You should bend your arms and join your fingers. Then raise your hands to the level of your solar plexus. Take a deep breath, then hold your breath and feel how the power growing in your solar plexus. Exhale now and feel how this power and energy enter your aura. Repeat this exercise several times ‘til you fell that you have enough energy.

This is one of the exercises Shakuntali can tell you about. To become a really self-confident person, you should develop your spirit and soul all the time. Shakuntali can help you with this, speed up the process and share the ancient wisdom with you that will help you to become a real self-confident person with great power inside. You can take a personal Shakuntali’s consultation or attend one of her group classes and seminars.

Visit shakuntali.com for more information and choose what matches your needs.
Become happy now.