9 Girls Fall Pregnant after Thimphu Pool Party. Bhutan was recently in a shock after reports emerged that a group of nine girls between the ages of 18 and 24 have all fallen pregnant shortly after attending the same pool party in the nation’s capital, Thimphu. The party was held earlier this year in June, and all the women involved are exactly two months pregnant, which places the conception date on the same day of the pool party.

What makes the story even more baffling is that none of the women have boyfriends or husbands, and all of them claimed that they did not participate in any sort of intimate contact with men during this period.Investigators have spent the day reviewing CCTV footage from the swimming pool on the day of the party, and also interviewing witnesses who also attended.

There was a breakthrough in the case, after CCTV footage appeared to show a man – who is yet to be identified – approach the edge of the pool and lean over the edge for several minutes. The man is then seen walking away quickly.

Experts have reviewed this part of the footage carefully, examining each frame of the video, and they believe they can see some sort of fluid shooting out of the man’s shorts. “It appears that this man might have ejaculated into the swimming pool,” said one of the investigators who was involved in the examination of the footage. One of Bhutan’s top medical experts was interviewed by reporters for his thoughts on whether this could be the cause of the mystery pregnancies.

“The sperm of most men is not strong enough to survive in the chlorinated water of a swimming pool,” commented Dr Tobgyel, an expert in reproductive medicine. “In a normal case, I would say it is completely impossible for any woman to fall pregnant while swimming in a pool that has sperm.” However, Dr Tobgyel did explain there is a rare case that affects approximately one in every 200,000 men, known as ‘hyper-spermia’.

“In these rare men, their sperm is thousands of times stronger than regular sperm, and there are some cases documented cases of women falling pregnant from swimming in pools, spas or hot tubs that men have deposited hyper-spermia into.”

Could this be the cause of the unexplained babies? Dr Tobgyel was cautious, and declared he would have to investigate further. “Once the children are born, we can conduct some genetic tests to see if the father suffered from hyper-spermia.” Investigators are now carefully examining the man on the video to see if they can find any clues that may reveal his identity.

“The man on the video is quite tall, and has a distinctive scar on his left cheek,” pointed out one of the investigators at a press conference with reporters. “We are asking the public if they have any additional information to please contact us.” It’s important for the man to come forward, as he might soon become the father of nine children, and potentially not even realise it.”

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