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Bangalore India
Bangalore India (Image courtesty: Shutterstock)

The current year and the pandemic that it brought along with it has altered everyone’s lives in several ways. With no cure for Coronavirus yet in sight, terms like social distancing are here to stay! Amidst such times, one concern that is plaguing many people’s mind is how to travel safely. Earlier, due to the availability of public modes of transportation like buses and metro services, travelling was simple.However, now, in Coronavirus times, it is imperative to maintain social distancing while travelling to minimize transmission risk.

The solution is to shift to personal mobility.vEven if you do not own a private vehicle, fret not. It is because nowadays, you can easily opt for services such as monthly car subscription in Bangalore to get the same benefits as a personal vehicle. In fact, choosing such a service will prove to be more cost-effective for you than owning a private car.A subscription car will allow you to travel privately and securely. On the other hand, when you commute using public transport systems, you come across many people, which exposes you to risk of catching the virus. Hence, to avoid any risks,personal mobility options like a subscription car are the safest bet.

Many car rentals let you subscribe a car for monthly basis or even takelong term car rental Bangalore service. Depending on your requirements, you can choose services for as long as you want and secure all your long and short trips.

Benefits of Taking Car on Subscription

  • One of the most noteworthy advantages of taking long term car rental Bangalore service or subscription is that it will enable you to travel while practising social distancing. It will minimize the risk of transmission and keep you safe while you’re out of your home.
  • You can choose a car that suits your family size, your travel requirements and budget as some reputable subscription companies like Zoomcaroffer a wide range of cars ranging from hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs. They also provide luxury cars if you need a personal vehicle for official or special trips.
  • Some companies sanitize the car thoroughly before delivery to ensure that the vehicle is virus-free and safe for you.
  • Subscription companies offer you cars on rent for varied periods. You can subscribe a car for monthly basis over an extended period such as half a year to secure all your travel plans during that time.
  • When you subscribe to a car from car rentals such as Zoomcar, you are not even required to make any down payment. You also do not need to pay for the insurance and repair and maintenance, as the company itself meets these expense.

Given below are a few travel plans that taking a subscription car will easily secure for you and your family. Have a look:

Daily Office Commute

Previously, you may be commuting to work using public transport or by hailing cabs. However, now it will be wise to travel alone. If you hail a cab, there will still be chances of transmission either through some interaction with the driver or through currency exchange. Further, it would help if you also avoid car-pooling. In such times where there is no definite cure for this virus, the best way to stay safe is to travel privately as far as possible.

Bangalore City, India
Bangalore, India (Image courtesy: Shutterstock)

Family Gatherings

Due to the lockdown, all the wedding functions and other family gatherings had to be cancelled. But with the new government regulations, you can attend such ceremonies by following safety norms to the best. If it is in a different city, you can opt for car subscription Bangalore service from rental companies. Many of these companies offer a one-day subscription as well as that for longer durations. Choose the car and the subscription period as per your travel plans. However, whatever you choose, you will enjoy safety and peace of mind.

Long-Distance Trips

Due to the prolonged lockdown, you might not have been able to go back to your hometown. With unlock 2.0, you can take that much-awaited trip back home to meet your parents or to get some important business task done.In case you plan on a short visit, choose the weekly car subscription Bangalore option or opt for an extended service, whatever befits your needs.

Emergency Visits

The need for a personal vehicle is felt most during any unexpected situation.If you have a monthly car subscription Bangalore, you will be self-reliant and will be able to act with speed, without wasting time on figuring out a safe means of commute.  Whether you have an expecting wife or elderly parents, opt for such a service if you do not have a personal vehicle to stay prepared.

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Secure All your Travel Plans

Subscribing a car will enable you to reap the innumerable benefits that come with a personal vehicle. Especially if you do not wish to invest in a vehicle while working in Bangalore or other such cities, then the subscription option is the best bet to stay self-reliant and safe during the pandemic and even beyond. Consider trying and opting for the monthly car subscription Bangalore and experience the benefits for yourself!

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