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Oscar Winning Movies

The Secrets Behind Filming Hollywood’s First Oscar Winning Movies

The Oscars are considered the Olympics of the cinematic world. They are the ultimate glory and accolade that can be bestowed upon an artist...
Change Surname

What’s In A Surname? Well, A Change Cld Get You 3 Months In Prison

Though you might think that "Your Name" is your proprietary and you own the rights to it, but no more. The Goa government has...
Cows Exhale Oxygen Theory - Trivendra Rawat

UK Minister Claims Cows Exhale Oxygen (O2)

Pearls of wisdom coming from none other than the top man of an India state, the size of Switzerland, with a population of little...
Elon Musk's Tesla Electric Car For India

Elon Musk Brings Cheer To Tesla’s Indian Fans – Car To Be On Road...

In some good news for Tesla's Indian fans, Elon Musk has put a timeline for the electric car to enter the country. In a...
Death to get Optional

Euthenasia Debates Over, Death To Get Optional By 2045

DYING will be 'optional' within just 27 years and the ageing process will be 'reversible', according to two genetic engineers during the presentation of...
Dental Fillings

All You Wanted To know About Dental Filling – Procedure, Type & Cost

A majority people today are diagnosed with the problem of cavity when they visit a dental clinic. The doctors bring forward that if they...
Range Rover Velar - Luxury Cars

Govt Treats Luxury Cars As Sin Goods, Harms Own Revenue Source

The government should stop classifying luxury cars as sin goods and reduce tax burden on such vehicles, as manufacturers contribute healthily in the country's...
Top Most Beautiful Female Politicians in India

Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Politicians Of India (2019) | N4M Reviews

India had established early, it's mark at the international stage in the field of beauty and glamour. Many a beauty pageants of the Miss...
Behind the scenes secrets of playboys of cricket

Behind The Scenes Secrets Of The Biggest Playboys Of Cricket

Cricket is often branded as the Gentleman's game but with the passage of time, the Gentleman's game has evolved, with many a playboys emerging...
Preventing Brain damage in kids due to iodine deficiency

How To Prevent Brain Damage In Indian Kids Due Iodine Deficiency?

We all know about the essential elements that our human body consists of and the role most of them play in our...
Top Hottest Female Models From India

List Of Top Hottest Female Models from India | N4M Surveys

Human inquisitiveness knows no bounds. Who will not like to know about the hottest female models from India and that too when Indian models...
Alia Bhatt

List Of Top Most Beautiful Indian Women (2019 Update) – N4M Survey

Having bagged many a Miss World's and Miss Universes, India has established its brand in raising The Most Beautiful and the prettiest women in...
Notice to Netflix

Netflix, Amazon Prime Issued Notice By Indian Supreme Court

The Supreme Court Bench of Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi and Justice Sanjiv Khanna today issued notice in a petition calling for regulation of content on online...
Irrfan Khan

Slow But Steady, Irrfan Khan Balances Work & Recovery, Thanks Well-Wishers

Irrfan Khan whom many of us had almost written off, due to his critical illness and a year long absence from work is currently...