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Top Most Beautiful and Hottest Bhojpuri Actresses

(Updated: 21.07.2019) The blossoming Bhojpuri actresses have taken the film industry by storm. Handsome actors and the most beautiful and hottest bhojpuri actresses from...
Top 10 Most Beautiful Business Women in India, Shubi Husain and Dipali Goenka

Top 10 Most Beautiful Business Women In India | N4M Media

Indian women these days are fast catching up with men and in some fields even leaving them behind. Be it married or single, women...
how to get rid of double chin and facial flab fast

How To Get Rid of Double Chin and Face Fat Fast – News For...

How to Get Rid of Double Chin and Face Fat Ever envied someone with a perfect face shape and that beautifully carved jawline. If you...
tshering yangki - bhutanese model and actress

Top Most Beautiful & Hottest Bhutanese Models, Actresses | N4M Reviews

Just like Indian and Pakistani beauty is famous worldwide, how can we forget the neighbourly Bhutan for its ever so charming, beautiful and gorgeous...
Best fashion designer in india

Top Most Famous and Best Jewellery Designers In India – N4M Survey

List of Top Most Famous and Best Jewellery Designers In India: Since times immemorial, humans have indulged in the art of designing and creating...
Top 10 Best Astrologers In India - Famous Indian Astrologers | N4M Media

Top Most Famous and Best Astrologers In India – N4M Survey (Indian Astrologers)

(Updated: 01.04.2019) Astrology, also known as Vedic Astrology is the science that explains the planetary movements and positions in respect to day and time,...
The Tamil superhit film, Thani Oruvan, will be remade in Bengali with Jeet and Prosenjit playing the lead characters.

Famous And Best Actors In Tollywood – N4M Survey

Tollywood industry has always been dwarfed by the Big Bro Bollywood. The brightest sparks from Tollywood would shift to Mumbai and this is how...
Shubi Husain - star nutritionist business woman - celebrity nutritionist

Shubi Husain – The Star Nutritionist & Business Woman

Star Nutritionist Shubi Husain is a well known celebrity, obesity expert and business woman. She is the founder and Managing Director of Weight Loss &...
manila philippines

Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities in Asia

Asia, the cheaper destination, flocked by tourists the world over. However there are some cities in Asia, one has to take care while drawing...
Top Most Famous And Best Fashion Designers In India | N4M Survey

Top Most Famous And Best Fashion Designers In India | N4M Survey

India, with its wide diversity of cultures and ethnicity has an ancient clothing design tradition. However its only in the last few decades that...
celebrities who ditched their partners 2

Celebrities Who Ditched Partners After Attaining Stardom – N4M Review

People, especially are aware of Bollywood celebrities' ongoing affairs. But there are many celebrities who ditched their partners after attaining stardom. N4M  brings you...
Top Most Beautiful Female Politicians in India

Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Politicians Of India (2019) | N4M Reviews

India had established early, it's mark at the international stage in the field of beauty and glamour. Many a beauty pageants of the Miss...
Subhasree Ganguly - Beautiful Bengali Actresses

Top 20 Most Beautiful Bengali Models & Actresses (In Pics) | N4M Reviews

West Bengal has given Bollywood some of the most beautiful and gorgeous damsels all through the decades of its existence. And now with 14.58%...
tallest bollywood actress

Bollywood Actresses- Who Is The Tallest Of Them All | N4M Survey

Most of Bollywood's leading actresses are not only tall, some of them are incredibly tall. With no definite source to check, many a times...