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There is a saying that meetings and partings are part of life. Generally, you may get to terms with your near and dear ones going far away from you. However, when you love or married, breakups result in intense heartbreaks. Sometimes you may end up going into depression and even experience suicidal tendencies. So it becomes extremely imperative to deal with the breakups however painful they may be and come out of them as quickly as possible.

It is very easy to say that you should come out of the breakups and live a normal and happy life. However, it is extremely hard to cope with it and lead a normal life. Because all human beings experience emotions and some may experience it more strongly and more intensely and it all depends on what type of a person you are. If you are strong enough, you can come out of the pain of breakup easily, or else it takes a lot of time to come out of it.

Dealing with Breakups

You should realize that everyone experiences breakups in one form or the other and at different stages of their life. So, you should be practical and shouldn’t be swayed away by emotions. You should come to the terms and be in reality that you have experienced a breakup and should be prepared for the effects associated with it. Breakups often result in you experiencing various feelings like acceptance, relief, shock, denial, grief, rejection, pain, betrayal, fear, embarrassment, and sadness.

You should deal with the breakups in a step-by-step manner. There are various steps to deal with them and you should follow them as short-term and long-term measures. Before proceeding to know how to deal with the breakups with those measures, the moment you suffer a breakup, you should express your feelings instead of suppressing them. You have various feelings as mentioned above and you should let them out openly.

Short term measures

How To Deal With Breakups
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You should follow the short-term measures to come out of the breakups as to once again be your normal self becoming strong emotionally, psychologically, and physically. If you cannot come to terms on your own, you should even consult a psychiatrist or a therapist. You should divert your attention and get preoccupied with pursuing your hobbies, going on vacations, or trying out new things like eating new dishes or pursuing a new hobby. You should change your lifestyle and spend more time with persons whom you can confide in and with whom you can get happy moments. You should try to be more active socially.

Long term measures

After recovering to some extent through short-term measures, you should practice long-term measures. You should be physically active as otherwise, the breakup will drain you mentally and physically. You should also take care of yourself as you should take care of yourself before you can take care of others. You should re-establish the trust and also bond and move with new people and form new relationships. You should always realize that breakups are never easy and it is all in the state of mind. So you should practice everything that makes you psychologically strong.

Most effective measures to deal with breakups prescribed by the researchers

Each person reacts differently in dealing with breakups and you can follow these most effective measures prescribed by the researchers. Here are the seven most effective measures which help you overcome breakups.

1. Accepting all social invitations

You can accept all social invitations and go and mingle with people. You can go to various places, meet numerous people, get preoccupied so much so that you don’t even get time to think about the breakup and feel the pain associated with it. This is the most effective way and rated 9/10. You may however feel odd to accept each and every social invitation initially. However, this method will help you regain your self-confidence and composure.

2. Recharge your batteries

Recharge your batteries by exercising every day and following a new health regime. At the same time, you can even savor new delicious dishes. You can also practice yoga to gain control over your mind and thought process. The effectiveness of this method is 7/10 as sometimes you tend to feel monotonous.

3. Regroup with old friends

Stay in Touch with Friends
Regroup with old friends (Representative Image)

You can get in touch with your old friends and cherish the old memories and spend quality time with them. This is the most effective method and is rated 10/10. However, you can meet your old friends only if they stay in your location. It also depends on how much time your friends can spend as they will also have their own commitments.

4. Cut off all contacts with your ex

You can cut off all contacts with your ex and block all the social media accounts. Its effectiveness is 7/10 and it will help if you show interest in what your ex is doing after the breakup with you. But at times, this is challenging as you cannot erase the memories of your ex so easily and so quickly.

5. Start dating once again


You can start dating once again growing new sites looking for new partners. Its effectiveness is 4/10 as you will be haunted with the fear of failures and the past coming back to haunt you. But at times it will work quite effectively.

6. Concentrate on your profession

You can try to forget everything by concentrating on your profession and climbing up the ladder adding new skills. Its effectiveness is 10/10 and this method will also be beneficial as it will not only help in overcoming breakups but also help in your professional career.

7. Change your Style

You can change your style, sport a completely different look, have short or long hair, etc, completely different from the way you looked to attract your ex. Its effectiveness is 6/10.

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