Romance: The world itself drives people across the world crazy. The moment you enter teens, you experience various feelings towards the opposite sex and in the process, you get to know more about love, date, and romance. You get swayed away at the prospect of falling in love, going on a date, and romance. You dream of a first kiss, first hug, and whatnot. Ahead of Valentine’s Day, You come with numerous crazy plans and ideas to impress upon girls.

But all said and done, You develop cold feet while kissing your partner. There is no hard and fast rule that you should kiss your partner only in this manner or in that manner. However, you should realize that girls will be put off when you kiss them awkwardly and this will be the end of your first date. Girls love romantic people and they dream of getting kissed in the most romantic manner so that they always cherish them as sweet memories.

How To Kiss Your Partner

Now let us find out how to kiss your partner in a romantic manner. Before you get directly into pulling, dragging, and kissing your partner, you should ensure that she enjoys the entire process in a beautiful manner in the most beautiful atmosphere. Before proceeding ahead with kissing your partner, you and your partner should have a romantic talk and make her feel at home and enjoy the serenity of the atmosphere. You should tease her and make her excited with sensuous talks and the ambiance is in such a way that it casts a magic spell.

Process of Kissing

It is true that you will be tensed and nervous if that happens to be your first kiss. But ensure that you maintain calmness and be in a composed manner. At the same time, make sure that your lips are not dry but are smooth so that they will not hurt your partner. It is better you carry a balm. You should also make it a point that you do not overuse your tongue. If this is not done, it will play a spoilsport. Your tongue should play a minimal role while kissing your partner.

You should kiss your partner not in a hurried manner but in a smooth and silent manner and make her feel the happiness involved in it and you should also relish the same. There is nothing wrong if you let out your moans expressing yourself in a romantic way. You should also end the kiss in such a manner and shower praises on your partner so that he/she will long for more.

Making a move

You should lean into your partner, hold your partner’s head in such a manner that both of you do not collide, and make eye contact in a romantic way expressing yourself. Start kissing your partner gently and slightly before applying slight pleasure moving from the upper lip to the lower lip. Use your hands to hold your partner, embracing slowly, caressing the hair, and placing hands on the hips.

You kiss your partner in a natural manner instead of showing any pressure or coming with awkward expressions. You kiss your partner with a closed mouth and if you want to kiss with an open mouth, then ensure that your tongue does not suffocate your partner. You can kiss your partner around the neck, Under the jawbone, around ears, over the nose, over the forehead, and shoulder.

Romantic Ways of Kissing Your Partner

Here are the romantic ways to kiss your partner. There are different types of kisses and they are Peck Kiss, American Kiss, French Kiss, Cheek Kiss, Forehead Kiss, Eskimo Kiss, Neck Kiss, Butterfly Kiss, Hand Kiss, and Top-Of-The-Head Kiss. Let us see how you can kiss your partner in these types of kisses.

1. Peck Kiss

Peck kissing (Photo: Budgeron Bach)

Peck Kiss is the simplest form of a kiss. You touch your partner’s lips with your lips in a close manner. This is the most beautiful kiss to take things forward with your partner as a first kiss. It showcases your love towards your partner and also highlights your intimate feelings towards your partner without increasing the intensity. As it is very simple, the chances of you going wrong in this kiss is very less. Peck Kiss signals the intimate moment between you and your partner in a quick way.

2. American Kiss

American Kissing (Photo by Vera Arsic)

American Kiss is the next step to take forward from Peck Kiss. It takes the relationship with your partner to another level. In American Kiss, you kiss your partner with both of you opening your lips. This is the most decent form of kissing your partner even in public places. This doesn’t involve any usage of the tongue. American Kiss can be romantic with you and your partner holding each other’s faces.

3. French Kiss

Couple Enjoying a French Kiss (Photo credits: Jonathan Borba)

French Kiss is a bit similar to American Kiss. However French Kiss is the most romantic way to kiss your partner showing your intimate and innate feeling. In this tongues of both the partners play an important role. French Kiss needs a little practice as it is difficult and you get it wrong at the first instance. Here, however, partners’ preferences matter as it involves tongues.

4. Cheek Kiss

A couple in love hold hands in rocky mountains near river (Photo credits: ArtHouse Studio)

A cheek Kiss is the most common form of kissing. It shares various expressions and emotions and involves various players as your partners. It can be friends, relatives and involves showing love, gratitude, affection, etc. However, not many feel comfortable with cheek kisses in public as it involves cheek and if one applies lipstick, it spoils their cheek.

5. Forehead Kiss

Forehead Kiss (Photo by Vlada Karpovich)

A forehead kiss is the most simple and romantic way to express your feelings towards your partner. They showcase your trust, love, understanding, and affection towards your partner. A forehead kiss plays an important role in consoling your partner when in distress.

6. Eskimo Kiss

Eskimo Kiss (Photo credits: Nataliya Vaitkevich)

Eskimo Kiss is a friendly gesture towards your partner and it involves rubbing your nose with that of your partner. It showcases the affectionate, lighthearted, and unfilled, playful moment with your partner.

7. Neck Kiss

Groom kissing his bride’s neck (Photo credits: Dimitri Kuliuk)

Neck Kiss to your partner showcases your erotic and sensuous feelings. It also signals filtration and neck kisses play an important role when you have sessions with your partner. You should kiss your partner’s neck and side of it and neck nape to enjoy a neck kiss.

8. Butterfly Kiss

Butterfly kiss (Photo by Budgeron Bach)

A butterfly kiss is one of the cutest of all kisses. A butterfly kiss may not be romantic but it showcases your feelings towards your partner in a beautiful manner like a  butterfly. In this, you bring your face close to your partner, eyes close to your partner’s eyes, and move your eyelids and give a feeling that your partner is being kissed by butterfly wings.

9. Hand Kiss

Hand kissing (Photo credits: Nil Alves)

Hand Kiss is not that romantic but is a good gesture showing your love and respect towards your partner. Kissing your partner’s hand signals your trust, assurance, and love towards them.

10. Top-Of-The-Head Kiss

Top Of Head Kiss (Photo credits: August de Richelieu)

A top-of-the-head kiss gives your partner the assurance of her security and comfort. It will be sweet if you hug your partner from behind and plant a kiss on their forehead. 

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