An online 5-level Sanskrit Course was launched in July 2020 by the IIT Roorkee Sanskrit club in collaboration with the volunteer driven organization Samskrita Bharati which attracted thousands of registrations from across 20 countries. The course named “Subhashitam Samskritam” aims at teaching basic Samskritam (Sanskrit) through 108 Subhashitams, which are known for their inherent moral and ethical advice and also relevant for all times and appeals to all age groups.

The Subhashitam Samskritam course commenced on 5th of July which was also Gurupoornima. The classes followed the LSRW (Listen, Speak, Read, Write) methodology and the medium of instruction was in Sanskrit. Given the fact that many registrants were learning Sanskrit for the first time, level-1 of the course focused mainly on the listening and speaking skills and engaged in imparting general conversational skills to the participants.

The twelve (12) lectures of level-1 were delivered via WebEx and live YouTube streaming by Samskrita Bharati volunteer Suchitra Viswajit.  Many volunteers, both from the IIT Roorkee Sanskrit club and Samskrita Bharati also assisted in preparing supplementary material for self-evaluation like google form-based quizzes and practice audio clips. The fact that these lectures continued to receive tens of thousands of views on YouTube shows that there were many non-registered but interested viewers watching them too.

Prof. Ajit Kumar Chaturvedi, Director, IIT Roorkee received a letter of appreciation from the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, on 17th July. The IIT Roorkee Sanskrit Club members on 19th July organized an online valedictory function on the occasion of completion of the level-1 of the sanskrit course, which was attended by Dr. Ramesh Pokhriyal ‘Nishank’, Minister of Education. An online exam for the level-1 was conducted on 21st and 22nd July. Out of the total participants who attempted, 5108 participants cleared it and were sent e-certificates with grades (class) obtained.

While the evaluation of the level-1 exam was ongoing, the “1 Bridge 2″ series of videos were published on the IIT Roorkee Sanskrit club’s YouTube channel, which covered topics like “Learn Devanagari” taught by Prof. Ramachandran from Chennai as well as additional topics for improving Sanskrit conversation. Twelve participants opted out at this stage from moving into next levels and at present 5096 participants are registered for the next four (4) levels of this prestigious sanskrit course.

In each of these four levels, Subhashitams are being taught and explained in the Sanskrit language itself. They are also used as examples to teach grammar concepts. Each level will have 12 to 15 lectures, with typically two Subhashitams in each lecture. The lectures are held on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and are streamed live through YouTube and hence open to all. Wednesday and Saturday have optional doubt clearance sessions for registrants using WebEx at three different time slots. Sunday has nine WebEx sessions at various times for revision and practice where the registrants can choose to attend one. Detailed study material in the form of pdf files, audios, and google form quiz for self-evaluation are also sent to the registrants by email. Telegram discussion groups continue to have “question windows” at specified times and teachers give answers later.  There are also additional optional telegram groups where the focus is only on practicing to speak in Samskritam on topics specified ad hoc or at short notice.

The 15 lectures of level-2 started on 3rd August, which was also World Sanskrit Day and Raksha Bandhan. This level focused on Vibhaktis and some lakaaras (tense and mood forms of verbs) through 33 Subhashitams and was taught by Vachaspati Nandakumar, All India Samparka pramukh of Samskrita Bharati. An online exam was conducted on 29th and 30th August which 3808 participants attempted. Pro-rated percentage of the marks they scored would be added to the final marks after all the 4 levels. Out of those who attempted, 3700 scored 40% or more, and they would receive e-certificates of a successful attempt of the level-2 exam.

In the one-week time, after the level-2 exam and start of level-3 lectures, some participants of the Subhashitam Samskritam course decided to put together an hour-long program titled ‘SamskritaSabhaa – episode1’. Except for guidance and some technical support from Samskrita Bharati and IIT Roorkee Sanskrit club members, the content of the first 42 mins of this online effort was coordinated, anchored, and segments performed by registrants of level-2.

The one-hour long program has news in Samskritam, two small skits, three quiz questions, one advertisement break as well as a Samskrita Bharati song – all in Sanskrit and performed by level-2 registrants. The video was released on the “Teachers’ Day” and so there were interviews taken from a Samskrita Bharati teacher in the USA and a young Bhagavad Gita teacher in Karnataka – in Sanskrit and the interviewers are level-2 registrants.

A well-known Hindi bhajan was translated into Sanskrit and presented as a video segment as well. After the 42 min segment with anchors, there is also an 18 min drama in Sanskrit performed by Samskrita Bharati group from Singapore, some of who are also students of the level-2 course. The video is available here and has received more than 5500 views and 145 comments within five days.

In all likelihood, this may be a first of a kind program and video where performances from various parts of the world have been combined as in a thread into a single program which is end to end in Sanskrit.

Organisers inform that the Level-3 of the Course which started from 7th of September will have 14 lectures and will end on the 29th September. This level has 27 subhashitams with a focus on concepts like Avyayas, Krudantas, and Prayogas. Exam for level-3 is tentatively planned for 3rd  and 4th October. Many participants hope that the second episode of SamskritaSabhaa can be released after the level-3 exam and tentatively around 10th October. Level-4 lectures are planned to start from 12th October followed by an exam in early November, and Level-5 lectures planned to start from 16th November tentatively.

Similar initiatives by different institutions in India and across the world shows the rising interest and enthusiasm among the people to learn Sanskrit.

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  1. Good course and efforts by IITR and SB for beginners. Hope all of them who take genuine effort to learn this language, also preserve the same and continue to give back to society once they’re confident of tutoring others.

    One should always give a fair and firm (but not harsh) opinion, but in no circumstance, lie. (be it small lies or big lies!).

    May the people in the popular Indian state who cannot digest listening to the word Sanskrit (or Hindi), get some brains soon and better follow the rule. Else, the efforts of SB in that State should broaden their activities further, now that the seed has been sown, to spread the language in other ways more strongly, if not being allowed in schools/colleges of that State!

  2. This Course has been a massive effort. Dealing with thousands of participants, sending daily material, sending periodic self assessment material, conducting lectures, webex revision sessions, Telegram question sessions, and periodic exam (though it is repeatedly emphasised that focus more on gaining knowledge without worrying much about exam)

    And all this ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE and I think it is all done by volunteers

    Good thing is that most people are appreciative of the efforts and understand the spirit of the Course, as can be seen from most of the comments. The sad part is that there are still some people who come with a sense of “I should get this” and “I should get that” and seems to be only interested in “certificate”, “marks” etc. Pity them who are not here for knowledge

  3. Namona maha
    This is an excellent course series in sanskrit that I have ever come across. All the faculties are excellent and the course is conducted in an extremely professional way. Hats off to IITR and Sanskrit Bharati for putting this course in place. The course is taught in a play way method and so every bit of the course is interesting. There is a subhashitam taught for every concept, which is so apt. I listen to every video atleast 2 times once while I am walking and 2nd time to note down important points. Even the self evaluation tests are really helpful. The material is very useful for self study. Thank you team and best wishes. I am with you for Sanskrit promotion.

    Jayatu Sanskrutam, jayatu Bhaaratam

  4. Namonamaha
    a big hats off to Samskruta Bharati IIT Rurke
    without which i would not have able to learn sanskrit up to this level
    their way of Subhashitam is unique .eagrly i wait to know what will b the next topic in subhashitam.
    i am a senior person only in age but filled with enthusiasm .
    after 5 the course please dot stop . teach further.
    corona is a blessing in disguise to me .

    I wish all those associated with this task of spreading & reviving our language all success !!!

  5. I thank from the bottom of my heart both IIT Roorkee Sanskrit club and Samskrita Bharati for such a great initiative of starting “Subhashitam Samskritam” online course. It is a great opportunity to learn sanskrit language via “subhashitani”. We all will definitely become wiser as far as the language is concerned and if we continue to practice the lessons will one day become very fluent in the sanskrit-and that is my goal.

    Namo Namah to all the esteemed teachers.

  6. Namo Namah,
    It was my long time dream and wish to learn Sanskrit, but due to various family responsibilities and work, was unable to do it. This online class is a God sent opportunity, I am very much thankful to Samskrita Bharati. This experience is a dream come true.
    बहु धन्यवादः ।

  7. An online exam was conducted on 29th and 30th August which 3808 participants attempted. Pro-rated percentage of the marks they scored would be added to the final marks after all the 4 levels. Out of those who attempted, 3700 scored 40% or more, and they would receive e-certificates of a successful attempt of the level-2 exam.
    1. How come there is no Exam Analysis video this time, but pieces of information appears here before even the participants knowing about the same?
    2. Why the certificates for Level 2 have not been sent till date? would receive e-certificates – When is that would? And, without scores like last time or; without scores and without grade this time?
    3. Seriously, What is the point in conducting exam if the results are not sent? (talking about Audio submissions). Even 1st Level exam marks are yet to come for audio submissions, leave alone second.
    4. Marks won’t be shared, but will be added pro-rata? – How is this fair without even the participants knowing their exact score for each level after audio evaluations (if evaluations were really being done for that huge number of participants!).

    Level-4 lectures are planned to start from 12th October followed by an exam in early November, and Level-5 lectures planned to start from 16th November tentatively.
    5. How come all this information has not been intimated to the participants yet, but comes up in this article?

    • 1) There is no “exam analysis” video promised as part of the Course. If you are expecting things that are not promised, thats your problem
      2) There is no date promoised for the certificate. It will come when ready
      3) Giving grades, but not the marks is nothing unusual. Happens in many courses
      4) Same as point 3
      5) What participants need to know are being informed at appropriate time through proper channels. There is no rule that plans should not be shared publicly

      Come on, for a course that is spread across so many months, and COMPLETELY FREE, what all cribs do you have ? Are you there in the course for knowledge or something else ?

    • This is just an objective reply having read both the comments above.

      I think you have got him wrong. He never complained of the course contents or the teachers or the organizers of the course. It’s wrong to assume he’s not for knowledge. How can you also assume that he might not have paid for the course if it was a paid course?

      May be he might not have got a response from the team either in telegram or mail. Else, why would he even bother to type his comments here.

      People of all age groups are participating in this course. He may be a school/college student and obviously for them apart from learning, credentials do matter (Whether grades or score, rather than just participation). It brings in more confidence for students, after all they’ve worked for it. He might be a beginner and hence must have been a little disappointed about first stating something and then withdrawing the statement.

      If audios were evaluated, then the results could have been sent. There was a communication in the first level about the date of results for audio submissions, dispatch of certificates, etc. But not so in the 2nd level.
      He may be interested in knowing his audio submission marks too to get to know if he is progressing correctly.
      Correcting mistakes then and there will ensure further mistakes are reduced; rather than the self assuming that he is correct even if he’s wrong. That’s why there’s an exam, marks/grade. Even traditional gurukula system has an exam and there too there are marks (not grades, may be modern gurukulas might have). One ought to know where they stand, especially young students who might want to take up Sanskrit as a degree or whatever.

      Also the course was initially open only for the age group upto 40, before it was changed to open to all. He may be correct in his views if he were in the position of a student or a young learner. (not older ones for whom marks or grade will just not matter).

      All young students must be encouraged by incentives like marks/grades and certificates for their performance, so that they don’t lose interest and their love for learning leads them to understand that all his previous efforts have borne a good fruit of becoming a sanskrit scholar one day.

      Didn’t the participants learn the subhashitam “satyam bruyat….”? Definitely, he was neither harsh nor lied in his comments. Always analyse both sides of the situation and give a fair commentary. Also don’t come up with assumptions.

    • @Bharath

      You end with a statement “dont come up with assumptions”, and in the same post you have yourself made multiple assumptions. “May be he did not get response” , “May be he is a student”. Human nature, isn’t ? While pointing out something in others, you dont realise you yourself are doing it ? 🙂 . But sure, you have the freedom to think you are not doing it, but others are doing it

      And by the way, in my view point, I did not make any assumptions – I asked a question, you assumed that I assumed something. I dont take your claim that “My analysis is an objective one” as true. Everyone’s comments are subjective, but yes, you have the freedom to continue to think yours is objective while others comments are not

      The person Karthik, if he were really appreciative of all the positives of this course, he could have at least posted one sentence stating so – but again, it is that person’s freedom not to do so and be like a “doshaikadruk”, and it is my freedom to give my opinion on that. Of course, you can continue to give your opinion 🙂

    • And, now do people people even realise on how they really washed their hands off the audio submissions (be it level 1 or 2) and are considering only the 80 marks MCQ even for pro-rating.
      I can only pity genuine beginners (especially students who are still eagerly waiting their audio results) and who are still believing that they were REALLY being evaluated (both Level 1 and 2) and those marks will also be added to their final score in Level 5.
      This is why the GRADE was even introduced all of a sudden after audio submissions of Level 1 exam just to wash their hands off from evaluating the audio submissions in the exams.

      They didn’t even keep up their own words, because the truth is that never were the audios ever evaluated!

      The following message was sent during Level 1 and in Level 2 there was complete silence! In level 1, initially, it was clearly mentioned that the exam scores (not grades initially) will be out by 26th July or something.
      “Namo Namah Everyone,
      dhanyavaadaaH to all those who took Course-1 exam. While in the next few days SamskritaBharati volunteers go through thousands of audio files to evaluate them (out of 20 marks), and add those results also to the auto evaluated scores that you would have seen out of 80, we request your patience in terms of results and related information.”

      This is not called flexibility of conducting exams, in view of large numbers, but very bad planning and not keeping up their own words. They could have better stayed away from collecting audio submissions.
      How come suddenly they plan to conduct viva or webex for 5th level? Why didn’t they do this earlier then for the first 2 levels of audio submissions? If audio submissions were for fun, better they stayed off it for the earlier levels instead of denying the exact scores.
      No doubt they changed it to neither Pass/Fail or no grades (leave alone exact marks) in the certificate too.

      Audio submissions during the earlier level of exams were a Complete hoax. So will be in the other levels. Hence, they came up with this video/webex entries for 5th level and scoring out that option in 3rd and 4th levels.

    • Ha ha ha ha . After one Bharath posted a comment trying to give you the benefit of doubt, I was also thinking may be

      But after this comment, I have made up by mind that I was right the first time. You are simply here to try to find fault. If you are for knowledge, why should you oppose doing audio clips, which whether evaluated or not helps enhance your knowledge and practice, especially for a language course ?

      “Not evaluated” are only your assumptions – you are the one who deserve pity. If you are not happy, why dont you just stop attending the course and ask for a refund ? Oh wait, you did not pay any fees anyway isn’t it ? Simply enjoying all the freebies and be like the “Even under an udder filled with milk, the mosquito looks for blood” type ?

      Even in your latest comment, NOT A SINGLE WORD (forget a full sentence, may be you are not capable of writing one) of appreciation for the immense amount to material, knowldege and practice offered for free !

    • Just came across this. I know for a fact that many of my SB volunteer friends in India were involved for many days in painstakingly going through many many audio answers. Whether marks is to be communicated or not, or for that matter every decision related to exam or conduct of the course is the prerogative of the organizers. You have the choice to drop if you wish

    • We know how many 40+ age group people verbally abused SB and IITR in YouTube and other social media for being unfair and not considering their age for inclusion to the course, when all the videos were/are already available in YouTube for free. Haha. It was funny that those 40+ cited that they wanted to write an exam! Were their minds focused on learning or giving an exam and getting one certificate? Definitely only the latter than the former, since, otherwise they wouldn’t have cried if everything were already available in YouTube.

      True that it sounds weird when we hear from them that audios were evaluated, but that they have not released the results or will never release them. Atleast they should bother to tell about the fate of those submissions, but they chose not to!

      Leave this unwanted discussion, dear student. Just learn and gain knowledge. I think you are a good, true and hard working student. Don’t have any expectations (as mentioned in Gita). God is watching all the actions. Just keep learning and you’ll achieve great heights. You know your own performance, right? Think you have scored full 20 on 20 in both the audios. Have full confidence in yourself.

      Don’t get bogged down about these issues which just don’t matter in the present-day people and present-day life atleast. They’re all modern (some of their lecture slides (especially the current third level course) for example, showed some modern day woman dressed shabbily – without giving a thought that the course is viewed by all age groups and that they’re teaching a language of value and culture. Well, Shows their taste. Definitely that was adult content and not a way of teaching for any age group!).

      Well, just ignore all the negative replies that you have received for your comment. People are like that these days. They don’t value their own words. But let it not affect your studies. You just keep going forward, dear student.

      All the best for your learning and performing your best in other levels too and may the Goddess of Learning bless you. Don’t worry, Be Happy!

      – Kumar

    • Yes, you are correct, Kumar. Good, you boldly brought up that topic.
      Even I noticed. Was shocked! They were some more nasty pictures like this ( in the present 3rd level of course. And they teach Subhashitams through Samskrutam! Are these values/Samskriti? Bad taste.
      Well, no comments about such slides being covered in the course that is being pursued by all age groups since many oldies too enjoy only such nasty content, not just the youth!

      And, Samskrita Bharati’s Sambashan magazine has artist that only knows to paint/draw woman without bindis, hair let loose, woman exposing, people wearing western wear, etc. And, those drawings are selected for appearing in the magazine. This has been the case for many years.
      What a Samskriti in such a magazine that they want people of all age groups to read! Terrible culture.

  8. I consider this opportunity as God send. To be aware of Sanskrit is like getting the key of learning any other languages.
    IITR and sanskrit bharati together are doing a wonderful job.
    I have also expresses my desire to volunteer for any ad hoc activities.
    I hereby express my gratitude to each and every person associated with this divine work.
    Namo Namah

  9. I owe to This Subhashitham Samskritam course a lot, which is a life turning point for me. This is my long term wish of learning Sanskritam, which was made possible by IIT Roorke and Samskritha Bharati combined efforts.


  11. Very proud to be part of this world’s most greatest program ever conducted. This is the first of its kind. We are learning sanskrit from the most knowledgeable and compassionate teachers. We are very thankful for all the teachers, volunteers and other supporting teams for their selfless service towards this divine language ???? Very nice article by Saraswati bhagini. ????????

  12. नमो नमः
    संस्कृतं सम्भाषणम् course by IITR and sanskrit bharati is an excellent initiative. Thousands of people like me are enjoying the course and to make it successful the volunteers are working day and night.

    My pranam to all these people and maa sharda blessed them.

  13. A great contribution by Sanaskrit Bharti and IIT Rurkee Club for getting Sanaskritm learning back on its proper gears among masses of different countries through super digitalized and methodological techniques.Kudos to all who are involved for this noble cause and revival of our very old enriched sanaskriti back in its fullform. Dhanivadha.

  14. Subhashitam Samskritam is a Treasure Chest! Every day, every class, priceless gems are unearthed by the teachers and volunteers alike through this beautiful language along with life lessons, leadership lessons, humility, patience, selfless service and wisdom. What a brilliant effort – India’s treasure!

  15. Awesome! Love to read articles written by young talented Saraswathy???????????? Subhashitam Samskritam program is a combined herculean effort by all the revered teachers and hardworking volunteers putting innumerable hours into it. The widespread outreach is the result!! Thank you all!!

  16. Namo Namaha,
    Through Subhashita Samskritam program i am learning along with the intricacies of Sanskrit language our culture. One can see how vasudhaiva kutumbikam is being established through this program. Managing so many participants from different age groups, regions, countries, professionals is highly commendable.
    Thank you very much for giving us the treasure of our country i.e.,language and culture in an easy way( saralam ). I express my gratitude , honor to the all Teachers, Organisers both from Samskrita Bharati and IIT Roorkee.


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