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Farmer’s Issue And The Way Forward | K Vijay Rao

There is a need to take a dispassionate account of the issue from all sides and deeply analyze the farmer’s issue. Here's the Way Forward for those in Governance

GST – An Opportunity To Strengthen Cooperative Federalism

Both the Centre and the States have to make compromises and find a solution. Some of these enumerated in this article could prevent Center from defaulting and will be truly cooperative federalism in the making.

The Government For The People Or Is It? Doubts Galore!!

When Abraham Lincoln described Democracy as the Government of the People, by the People and for the People, he was quite clear that people who elect their government shall do so with utmost caution and with a conscious mind and those elected to represent shall work for the people and the elected government shall serve the people and will be in true sense be a Government for the People.

My Open Letter To PM Narendra Modi Over Covid19 Pandemic

March 27, 2020 To, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister's Office South Block, Raisina Hill New Delhi-110011 Phone No: +91-11-23012312 Fax: +91-11-23019545, 23016857 Dear Sir, SUB: COVID19 – Coordinated Consistent Communication...

Need Of The Hour – A Gutsy Defence Minister

The elections have concluded, results are almost out, and government formation will be the next stage. Amongst the various portfolios to be announced afresh,...

Exit Poll Results – 2019, Culmination Of A Herculean Democratic Ritual

As the 2019 General Elections come to a close, everyone wants to know the result. Before the exit polls start running a few hours...

How Low Can The Politicians’ Stoop? Elections 2019

In a deplorable incident during voting in Jabalpur on 28th April, the army was dragged into an avoidable controversy. Based on the directions of...

Cash Crunch – Where Is The Money Mr FM?

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had reported to work on Monday, April 16, 2018, after a long medical leave. Having under gone a medical procedure...

Karnataka Elections Matter – How A Win Will Impact Both BJP...

Why Karnataka Elections 2018 Matter? The bugles for Karnataka assembly elections have been sounded. The elections are scheduled for May 12 and the results would...

Rahul Trashes PM Modi’s Claims Against Corruption, Alleges Data Stealing

Srirangapattana (Karnataka); With the Karnataka state assembly gearing up for elections, its war cry from Congress, that is known to have always been on...

The TINA Factor And General Elections In India – 2019

As we enter 2018, the political players and parties have begun positioning and preparing themselves for the general elections in 2019. Though the ruling...

Is Politics The Last Refuge Of The Scoundrels – India?

Man is by nature a political animal’. Due to his nature, man should consider and realise his role within the ‘polis’. But eventually, over a period of time, politics in some countries has become the last refuge of the scoundrels.

Intolerance In India – A Myth, Or Reality (An Opinion) |...

...Contd from Page 1 (Ser 2.1) Initially, Hindi writer Uday Prakash was coerced to return his award and later, Nayantara Sehgal and Ashok Vajpeyi too followed suit...

Secularism As Seen Through The Eyes Of A Concerned Indian

Out of a deep-felt concern at the alarming frequency at which false and wrong interpretations of the notion of "Secularism" are being bandied about,...

Rahul Gandhi Charges Modi For Regressing India Back To Medieval Times

Soon after taking up the Congress baton today, Rahul Gandhi hit out at the BJP, accusing it of spreading hatred and violence in the...

Ex PM Manmohan Singh Demands Modi Apologise To The Nation for...

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to apologise to the nation for alleging that he was conspiring with Pakistan...

The Shepherd Of All Times, Arjan Singh Metamorphosizes Into A Legend

Those who have read Frederick Forsyth, would sure have understood by now. The Vampire pilot, going home on a Christmas Eve 1957, whose aircraft suffers a complete...

Why do Some Indians Resist Paying Taxes – Interesting Thoughts Of...

Interesting thoughts of citizens of India as to why some Indians, more so from the businesses and trading communities resist paying taxes. As the historic...