Every addiction or mental health condition revolves around a set of stereotypes and misconceptions from the public. And sex addiction is the one with many of them. The social taboo on sex and the addictive behaviours associated with it make it difficult for people to understand it entirely because it is not often discussed openly. However, sex addiction is as severe as drug or alcohol addiction. And understanding the truth about it makes it easier to know if you or someone close to you has it. Also, the myths mentioned below will help you understand whether you need sex addiction treatment, addiction counselling, or nothing.

Myth 1: Sex Addiction Isn’t a Real Thing

Owing to the adverse consequences, sex addiction is considered to be as real as any other form of addiction. People with sex addiction find it difficult to stop thinking about sex or seeking it out and often experience withdrawal symptoms. As a result, counsellors with specialised training help sex addicts overcome the situation. Also, while sex addiction isn’t classified as a disorder according to DSM-5, it is recognised by multiple medical organisations worldwide. For example, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recognise sex addiction in its International Classification of Diseases.

Myth 2: People with Sex Addiction Are Unfaithful

While having multiple sex partners is one of the most common characteristics of sex addiction, not everyone complies with that. It is not necessarily true that if you have a sex addiction, you are unfaithful too. However, you may see yourself pressuring your significant other to have a lot of sex and find different ways to fulfil your sexual fantasies. Too much pressure or pushing your desires on your partner may also lead to relationship problems, especially if your partner is not in the mood for sex.

Myth 3: Sex Addiction Means Having Sex Issues

Having a sex addiction doesn’t mean that you have sexual issues. However, it means that you have an underlying mental health condition. Like all addictions, most people use sex as a maladaptive coping mechanism or response to trauma. In fact, having an abusive childhood may affect how you see sex and leave you with challenging thoughts and feelings. Sex addiction may also occur if you have been neglected, manipulated, or had a lonely childhood. However, you can ask for help in the form of sex addiction treatment so you can enjoy sexual intimacy and make healthier decisions.

Myth 4: Sex Addiction is Only for Men

Since men are believed to have stronger sex drives and are usually more sexually aggressive, it is also believed that only men suffer from sex addiction. However, the truth is both genders – males and females can have a sex addiction. Also, women often get criticised for their sexual behaviours. Unlike men, women are labelled as “slut” or “whore” because of showing the same addictive behaviours as men with sex addiction. No one ever thinks that women may actually be suffering from a mental issue.

Myth 5: Sex Addiction Treatment is Anti-Sex

Going into sex addiction treatment or sex addiction counselling doesn’t turn you against sex. Instead, it helps you manage the urges and healthily enjoy sex. Because many people use sex as a weapon to fight their pain, escape reality, or self-medicate themselves, sex addiction treatment teaches you to have sex in moderation and slowly bring it back into your life.

Overcome Sex Addiction

Most people don’t take sex addiction seriously and make a joke out of it. But they don’t realize that it is a real addiction and is far from fun for those who actually suffer from it. Like any other addiction, sex addiction has its own cycle of highs and lows that may leave you mired in self-hatred, and shame, makes you out of control, and it becomes difficult for you to trust yourself. Sex addiction also has symptoms like depression, anxiety, high levels of stress, overuse of drugs and alcohol, severe loneliness, and overeating, and there is nothing enjoyable in that.

Hence, sex addiction treatment is essential to keep your life on track. If you are struggling with sex addiction, find your nearest rehab to receive sex addiction treatment or addiction counselling for a better and more fruitful life. The rehab treatment includes group therapy, medications, and support groups to treat sex addiction, depending on the individual’s needs.

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