As you get older, your body naturally adjusts to changing hormones, menopause and other health issues as they arise. When you’re dealing with internal changes, it’s important to note how this plays out on your skin in an external manner. When you were a young child, it was easy to get away with the use of bar soap and a washcloth in order to keep your skin clean. Now, you’re fighting concerns like pollutants and makeup residue. This is why it’s best to add the following three steps to your nightly skincare routine.

1. Multi-Pronged Approach to Cleansing

It’s not enough to simply wash your face with soap and clean it with water. This is especially true for those who opt to wear makeup. At the end of a long day, your face is very dirty. Even if it doesn’t seem like it on the surface, your face comes into contact with a lot of germs and bacteria.

In order to prep the skin for cleansing, consider using a facial steaming machine to get the process going. When you’re using the steamer, you can gently extract any sebum that’s underneath the skin’s surface. Using a washcloth or q-tips, hold the skin taut in order to loosen up the sebum and pus. Then, gently move through the facial skin in order to push the sebum and excess oil out of the skin.

Then, use an oil cleanser or balm cleanser to loosen up the dirt, makeup, and other germs. This is called a double cleansing process. Then, go in with a facial soap to thoroughly cleanse and disinfect the skin. By the time you’ve fully completed this process, residue won’t be apparent.

2. Depuffing and Cooling Regimen

Inflammation is pretty common in those who suffer from chronic health concerns. While it’s important to focus on an internal approach to inflammation, it’s really helpful to pay attention to ways you can cool down or depuff your skin on the surface. Depuffing rituals provide a sensation that benefits the senses and the lymphatic system as well.

For starters, consider using a facial roller or a GuaSha tool in order to provide a facial massage. Place your facial tool in the refrigerator in order to keep it cool until you’re ready to use it. Keep any other cooling products in the refrigerator as well. When you place them on your skin, this will enhance the experience.

Use items like a facial roller and an under-eye mask once you’ve thoroughly cleansed your skin. Using items like these work best on a clean, sanitary surface. By using these items on a regular basis, you can increase your level of self-care as you decrease the amount of puffiness you experience in the morning. As a bookend to your nighttime routine, wake up in the morning and massage your skin with an ice cube or place your face in a bowl of ice water. It’s an invigorating experience that’s excellent for your mental health as well.

3. Exfoliation Process

Exfoliate your skin by using alpha-hydroxy acids and other products on a routine basis. While you don’t want to use these products each night, it’s important to find a system that helps you to slough off dead skin cells. You don’t want to deal with peeling skin or dry skin at all.

When you’re able to gently exfoliate, use products like gentle scrubs that contain ingredients like fruit enzymes. With the use of a good scrub or exfoliating serum, you’ll promote the regular process of skin cell turnover. When the skin cells turnover at a more rapid pace, you’ll uncover fresh, new skin that looks glowy and undamaged by hyperpigmentation or sun damage. When you’re looking to regularly exfoliate, try to maintain a pattern of three times a week. Don’t exfoliate more than that because you don’t want to cause harm to the epidermis. It’s also best to exfoliate at night because you never know how certain acids will interact with the sun.


If you’re not used to engaging in multiple steps for a skin care regimen, these steps might seem tedious and unnecessary. However, once you begin to put them into practice, you’ll see a physical difference in the way your skin looks and feels. Even though the physical progress might take a while to notice, remain consistent. Before long, you’ll have a tried-and-true regimen that your glowing skin can rely on.

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