The whole idea of human life is to thank God for the opportunity to excel and serve the suffering humanity with unmatched Capabilities, Conviction and Character that glows the fragrance of Divinity.

The human life is a great opportunity to develop great Capabilities, nurture a Character grounded to universal values of Truth, Nonviolence, Compassion and Righteousness and a Conscience that invokes conviction to serve God through serving humanity.

It is this idea of human life that had inspired the Vedic Sages and Rishis to build the contours of human society that assured prosperity and happiness in abundance and  created a society where no one was left behind.

The emphasis here was on “Sah no Yasha, Sah no Bhama Varchasam”, meaning there by that not alone but together as a human society we all  attain good heath, plenty of happiness and glory and realize the bliss of Divinity in our human existence and cultivate the perfect Harmony with Nature.

This was the essence of a civilized society in ancient India that created the Wonder that India was.

A man was made to rise to 5 steps of Atma Anushasan, Atma Sanyam, Atma Manthan, Atma Sat  and finally Atma Dharshan, face to face encounter with His Almighty,  where God Almighty shall ask a man to  seek what he desired to have.

The man having qualified to reach thus far to have the eternal bliss from God’s divine hands will then say:

न त्वहं कामये राज्यं न स्वर्गं नापुनर्भवम् ।
कामये दुःखतप्तानां प्रणिनां आर्तिनाशनम् ॥

*Na tu Aham Kamaye Rajyam, Na Swargam na Apunarbhavam; Kamaye Dukh Taptanam, Praninam Artanasanam*.

That is “Neither I desire to be an Emperor to govern and command a great empire, nor the enjoyment of the heavenly bliss, not even the Salvation from this world of suffering but the only desire I have, and I seek your blessing God Almighty,   bless me that I return with your grace and engage in relentless pursuit to eradicate the sufferings of the vast humanity“. Bless me God!

The Lockdown and Aftermath – Need for Realism

This was Incredible India and it’s eternal philosophy that truly made India the heaven on earth and the inspired the global community to turn towards India for the mantra of peace, prosperity, happiness and harmony. No wonder we find even today the intense urge to turn towards India for finding peace and happiness as also to celebrate diversity and oneness of global community, so beautifully expressed in the Vedic call of  ‘Vasudha ev Kutumbakam’, the world as one family

The million dollar question however, is now that the world is badly shaken by the deadly shock of Corona Virus Covid -19, can India show the path of salvation, and recovery from deep depression to which the world economy has plunged into with the devastative impact of Covid lockdown worldwide?

Can it trade herself a Path to Excellence protecting the interest of Man and that of Nature by redesigning the contours of economic developments that guarantee that ‘no one is left behind’?

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Can it turn the world towards the 3rd Industrial Revolution that promotes Mass Entrepreneurship, creates job in plenty where the people are and prevents exodus of population from villages to mega slumps of the cities, and also protects and  preserves natural resources  and assure  good health for all and good heath of environment too?*

Can India lead the global community by trading the path of improving and assuring the immunity to combat diseases and reorient its healthcare and invest in research in  Ayurveda, herbal and natural medicines  and on wellness?.

Can it emerge as a world leader in high-tech led Industry 4.0 as well as a world leader of Green Technologies and a global crusader of Green Economy ?

These are the deep questions that should be taken up while  planning for a prosperous, safe, secured, healthy and happy future post Covid lockdown. I personally believe that Covid lockdown has forced us to think a fresh on how we create a bright future free from fear and panic of the kind being witnessed in these days of Pandemic Lockdown.

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