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Onus On Governments To Mitigate Impact Of Pandemic On Education Systems

It becomes clearer that onus lies on the governments of respective nations to stand up to the occasion and mitigate the grim impact of the pandemic on their education systems

Ironic! Indian Govt Battling, Not One, But Two Epidemics Simultaneously

Indian Govt is presently battling, not just one, but two epidemics together. The first one is the Coronavirus epidemic, while the second one is.. Read on

Frequent Fumigation & Regular Sanitization – Need Of The Hour To...

Prevention is much cheaper than the cure. Hence frequent fumigation & regular sanitization are the need of hour to prevent Corona spread

Effects Of Pandemic On Our Children And The Youth That All...

While it seems to be easier to have children stay at home and study, the ramifications are many. Here are the Effects of Pandemic on our children and the youth that everyone must know

Corona Unites India With It’s Own Diversity – Cluster Analysis

Analysis of Type A, B, and C clusters. Look at this exciting trend. India is a diverse country, and yet we are one. COVID19 has also made sure our maps look somewhat like that.

Last ‘Normal’ Photos And Narratives Before Covid19 Lockdown

Here are few photos & narrations from friends and acquaintances, of the normal times when one could go out without being bound by innumerable terms and conditions.

Will Brick And Mortar Universities Survive Post-Covid?

A very pertinent question that arises due the pandemic - Will Brick and Mortar Universities that had been thriving all this while be able to survive post covid. Lets take a look

Scourge Of Child Marriage Haunts 4 Million Girls Due To Coronavirus

Risk of Child marriage increases due to corona virus lockdowns. Deepening poverty caused by loss of livelihoods is likely to drive families to marry off their daughters early, thereby undoing decades of work to curb it.

Rights Under Threat, Indian Labourers Struggle To Survive The Pandemic

Indian Labourers face the worst onslaught on multiple fronts. Not only their meagre income is lost, but now they risk contracting COVID19 or face starvation

Not Salvation But Return To Serving Suffering Humanity

Return to Serving Suffering Humanity - Human life is a great opportunity to develop great Capabilities, nurture a Character grounded to serving humanity, truth, nonviolence, compassion and..

The Good Samaritans “Don’t Waste Food”, Hyderabad | Ser-GS.2

Good Samaritans have always come to the fore during times of need. Once a Child Labour himself, Malleshwar Rao through his 'Don't Waste Food' team did exactly that and saved many a migrant workers and strays from starvation during lockdown in Hyderabad

Don’t Panic – Humans Have Weathered Far Bigger Crises Than Covid19...

This too shall pass. Covid19 not the first to hit humans. Spanish flu (1918) was one of deadliest pandemic in history. Few more that humans weathered before

‘Buy Mask And Go Hungry’ – South Asia’s Poor Face Grim...

Strict lockdowns and rules making people wear masks in public and use sanitizers are hitting the poor hardest & exposing deep inequalities in society

Artificial Intelligence At The Fore In Fight Against Covid-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 disease, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, was identified in December 2019 in China and declared a global pandemic by the WHO on 11...

The Path Ahead – Battling Covid19 On The Economic Front

Battling COVID19 outbreak will require political will and decisive actions from the government in terms of ramping up the healthcare infrastructure, ensuring public distribution of essentials to fulfil basic needs, and income transfers to the poor, among others. The government should not constrain such expenditures in view of maintaining the permissible limit of fiscal deficit. A higher fiscal deficit may not be inflationary now, since demand is drastically down.

The Leopard Returns As Peacocks Dance & Bluebulls Roam The Streets...

The Animal Kingdom Takes To The Streets Literally. Leopard Returns As Peacocks Dance & Bluebulls Roam The Streets Amid Corona Lockdown In India & the World

Work From Home – Must Know Tips To Discipline Your Kids

The reality of working remotely every single day with kids by your side is not easy. Here are a list of Must Know Tips To Discipline your Kids..