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Prepare for Robust Future Defence from Pandemics

let 'Be Future Ready' be the mantra of self defence both at the individual as well as organizational and national levels.

Redesign Engg Education for Sustainable Future, Says Prof Sharma

With tech innovations at the forefront, education in Indian universities should also take on board sustainable development goals as the guiding principles

T Yes Or No M C Chip Fab In India?

Ground breaking of a Tower semiconductor backed ISMC may be the much needed inflection point India has waited 2-3 decades for. 

PM Modi’s “Farm Laws Repealed” Announcement And The Aftermath

After almost a year of, what has been inarguably the biggest protest movement in recent times, the government of India blinked on the three Farm Laws

Contingency Plans – What If India’s Top Leadership Is Wiped Out...

Nuclear warfare is under no obligation to follow a prescribed progression. It is therefore imperative to have contingency plans in place even for scenarios like a Nuclear Strike Wiping Out Top Leadership in Delhi?

As Top 10 Chip Making Foundries Expected To Surpass $100B In...

Global Perspective on Semiconductors and future roadmap for India. Here are 10 related News & Analysis from Oct 2021. Read on

ASSAM – The Anatomy Of A Ticking Time Bomb

If too much diversity were ever a problem, Assam would be a prime example. Call it regionalism, sub-nationalism or ethnocentrism, these were always above religious divides. At least till the recent past.

Experts Want Universities To Transform Into Factories Of Innovation

Curiosity and freedom to innovate are the keys to innovation. We need to foster the spirit of innovation and focus on innovations for sustainability

Pegasus Snoopgate – The Albatross Around Modi’s Neck

Just as the nation was coming to terms with the devastation of the second wave, we woke up to the scandal that is the Pegasus Snoopgate.

India’s Redundant Sedition Law – More Misused Than Gainfully Used

States use various draconian laws to legitimise the frivolous arrests of those critical of the government and thus stifle dissent. One such law is the sedition law

Should India Relook & Do Away With It’s Culture of Doling...

It is high time that all political parties must relook and do away with the culture of doling out freebies for winning elections.

NE India – Seven Sister States With Their Deep Rooted Cultures...

The Seven Sister states of the North East comprise a distinct geographic, administrative and political region. It's a picturesque kaleidoscope of undulating green hills, rolling valleys and peaceful and tranquil towns and hamlets.

How About A National Honour For The Supreme Sacrifice?

How About A National Honour For The Supreme Sacrifice? More so when a wounded soldier gets 'Parakram Padak' while a Soldier Killed in Action due to wounds sustained goes unhonoured. How Ironic?

Island Tourism – The ‘Must Visit’ Mesmerizing Islands of India (Part...

India's two distinct island groups, the Lakshadweep Islands and the Andaman and Nicobar Islands bodies flanking the two sides of Indian peninsula. These two islands groups are entirely different from each other in form, origin and the dazzling beauty which they have to offer.

Island Tourism – The ‘Must Visit’ Mesmerizing Islands of India (Part...

Moving right from Gujarat to down south Kerala and Tamil Nadu and then moving up to West Bengal in the east, the country’s coastline is ringed by some 1350 islands. Read on..

Beaches – The Engine Of International Tourism | Indian Beach Tourism...

Beach tourism drives world tourism. Indian beaches with crystal blue waters entice and invite tourists both locally and from across the world.

‘Visit India 360’ – Amazing Facets Of Indian Tourism And The...

This is a first article (S No: VI-360.01) of the series "Visit India 360". It's an endeavor initiated by N4M, through a series of articles highlighting the various facets of 'Indian Tourism', and in the process synch with the ongoing efforts to make India the preferred destination of World Tourism.

The Indian National Language Conundrum

A large number of people, including eminent educationists, sociologists and political commentators support the Three Language Formula. This shld lay to rest many of the Indian national language related.. Read on