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Strategic Actions Needed To Address Air And Water Pollution In India:...

As per WHO 2019, 80% diseases and 3.1% of total deaths around world are caused by water pollution alone. Thus, the cause of sustainability in our redesigning of our pathways for growth and development cannot be over emphasized.

Experts Want Universities To Transform Into Factories Of Innovation

Curiosity and freedom to innovate are the keys to innovation. We need to foster the spirit of innovation and focus on innovations for sustainability

Online Education and e-Gurukuls To Mark The Future Of Education

The rapid pace with which the digital transformation has been adopted the world over has on one hand badly disrupted the conventional systems in...

“Leaders Should Act Fast In Times Of Crisis” Says Dr. Brian...

Leaders should act fast in times of crisis, says Dr. Brian Mcgarrie, Director- Executive MBA Programs, Birmingham University, United Kingdom, at his talk at Amity University

Redefining Education And Governance In Times Of Covid19 & Beyond

The power of digital learning is immense and it had infinite potential to significantly enhance both the access as well as quality and relevance of education at all levels from School to Universities

The Government For The People Or Is It? Doubts Galore!!

When Abraham Lincoln described Democracy as the Government of the People, by the People and for the People, he was quite clear that people who elect their government shall do so with utmost caution and with a conscious mind and those elected to represent shall work for the people and the elected government shall serve the people and will be in true sense be a Government for the People.

Will Brick And Mortar Universities Survive Post-Covid?

A very pertinent question that arises due the pandemic - Will Brick and Mortar Universities that had been thriving all this while be able to survive post covid. Lets take a look

Not Salvation But Return To Serving Suffering Humanity

Return to Serving Suffering Humanity - Human life is a great opportunity to develop great Capabilities, nurture a Character grounded to serving humanity, truth, nonviolence, compassion and..