Dreampop artist Sayantika Ghosh, popularly known as Ghoshpop, creates a powerful composition painting the hues of strength and bravery, as our opposing sides come together to make us triumphant.

This song presents Sayantika’s music in a brand new avatar, with a powerful, hard-hitting groove, produced by Aman Moroney and Ashish Manchanda. The new record is available through her parent label, Springboard Records.

Sayantika Ghosh
Singer & Song writer Sayantika Ghosh

Sayantika is a multilingual singer-songwriter, music programmer and vocal producer from Kolkata, India.  Her songs often engage listeners with themes of nostalgia and self-reflection.   She released her debut EP, Yesterday Forever in 2018 and showcased at Hollywood, LA. In 2020, she released ‘Embrace Yourself” which talks of self-love; as well as her debut Bengali single, “Aami Banglar”.

“SAMURAI” sings of the emergence of a winner when our positive and negative sides battle between themselves, for only when they come together do they make us whole and complete.  This convergence of the light and dark, makes us truly formidable warriors, the bravest of samurais!

Singer Songwriter Sayantika Releases Her Latest Track Aami Banglar

Speaking on the launch, Sayantika commented, “I wrote this at a time when I was very disturbed, which had landed me in a creative block. One part of me would tell me to take it easy and have fun with the process; while the other told me to get the hell out of my limbo and keep trying, pushing harder every time! Samurai was the first song I wrote in that span of 3 months after I finally found balance within myself. I owe it to this song for showing me the way!”

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Sayantika’s mellow demeanour hides a robust personality that creates music which transcends time and space. Her major influences include The Beatles, Coldplay, Radiohead, Gorillaz, and many more, which are all reflected in her songs. Her textured vocals add to the cinematic experience that forms the most notable element in her music.

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