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Redefining Education And Governance In Times Of Covid19 & Beyond

The power of digital learning is immense and it had infinite potential to significantly enhance both the access as well as quality and relevance of education at all levels from School to Universities

Last ‘Normal’ Photos And Narratives Before Covid19 Lockdown

Here are few photos & narrations from friends and acquaintances, of the normal times when one could go out without being bound by innumerable terms and conditions.

Great Opportunity For Digital Learning During COVID-19

As the nationwide lockdown due to Corona Virus COVID-19 continues, working from home for the teachers and learning from home for students has come...

Indian Origin Man In $20 Million H-1B Visa Fraud To Be...

As President Trump continues on his quest to curb H-1B Visa Program by placing many associated restrictions, an Indian-origin accused from Virginia is likely...

Panel Highlights NITI Aayog’s Limited Resources And Technical Expertise

Digitisation of a vast country like India is no small a task. The variance in literacy levels, technology percolation, infrastructure across towns and villages...

$550 Million Internet Scam That Duped Thousands Busted In India

While Indian expertise at IT is known and recognized world over, the same expert hands and brains at times go astray and start harming the...

11 Lakh Jobs To Be Generated As Result Of Special Package...

The special package for made ups sector approved by the Union Cabinet may help in generating large scale direct and indirect employment of up...

Need To Reboot Our Mindsets Post Demonetisation

Come 1st December and we saw a bunch of articles flying across the media both social and the print. Articles with alarming headings like Pay Day...

Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio – “Atta” vs Data Controversy

Note: Reliance Jio is a 4G broadband service recently launched in India. Mukesh Ambani's launch of Jio 4G cellular service is barely out of beta testing...