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India’s Redundant Sedition Law – More Misused Than Gainfully Used

States use various draconian laws to legitimise the frivolous arrests of those critical of the government and thus stifle dissent. One such law is the sedition law

How About A National Honour For The Supreme Sacrifice?

How About A National Honour For The Supreme Sacrifice? More so when a wounded soldier gets 'Parakram Padak' while a Soldier Killed in Action due to wounds sustained goes unhonoured. How Ironic?

Making India An Attractive Destination For HNIs

Time to stop the flight of Wealthy Indians and HNIs to other nations. Time to make India an attractive destination for HNIs

Time For India To End Contradictions About Legalizing Cannabis

Decisive action in favour of deregulation could clearly benefit India in a number of ways such as money by way of sales and taxation, jobs that could be created, a huge boost to agricultural sector, controlling climate change to be fought, and tax revenue to be generated.

Both Ayurveda As Well As Allopathy Are Needed In A Country...

While there could be no justification for wholesole condemnation of Allopathy as was recently done by Baba Ramdev, there could be no denying of the dire need to revive interest in Ayurveda and ingenious medicines that had served the interest of affordable Healthcare in a country like India for thousands of years.

Islamic Fundamentalism Tightens Grip On Pakistan, As Covid19 Rages On

The rise of fundamentalist TLP demonstrates how extremism has consolidated its hold over even liberal Muslims in Pakistan. This is attributed mostly due to the Nazariya-i-Pakistan thought of the Pakistan army.. Read on

When Fascists Brood on Democracy!

Whenever we run across that word fascism or fascists, what comes to our minds are the memories of Hitler and Mussolini, painted in black and white.. But then did fascism end with dictators like Hitler and Mussolini? Read on to find out

Geostrategic Nepal’s Bigger Dilemma – The US ‘Millennium Challenge Corporation’

The extremely geostrategic state of Nepal is in a conundrum over whether to respect the previous government's agreement to accept a $500 million "grant" from the US' "Millennium Challenge Corporation" despite concerns that it could permanently undermine the country's sovereignty, but backing out of the deal several years after it was first made and especially in the context of American-backed India's Hybrid War on Nepal would put a bullseye on its back for years to come.

Last ‘Normal’ Photos And Narratives Before Covid19 Lockdown

Here are few photos & narrations from friends and acquaintances, of the normal times when one could go out without being bound by innumerable terms and conditions.

The Leopard Returns As Peacocks Dance & Bluebulls Roam The Streets...

The Animal Kingdom Takes To The Streets Literally. Leopard Returns As Peacocks Dance & Bluebulls Roam The Streets Amid Corona Lockdown In India & the World

Abundant Surmises And Lessons To Learn In Times Of Corona

The estimated number of the world population residing on earth is expected to have crossed 750 crores. This would account to a larger number...

India Rediscovering Its Undivided Soul As Tide Of Polarization Ebbs

The Indian Government, smug in its belief that its stony inaction on a slew of anti-Muslim measures like ‘lynchings’, attacks on so called ‘Love...

Ex PM Manmohan Singh Demands Modi Apologise To The Nation for...

Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to apologise to the nation for alleging that he was conspiring with Pakistan...

Tarzan Girl Or Mowgli – 8 Yr Old Found Living With...

In a case that has left officials in Uttar Pradesh absolutely stumped, police have recovered an 8-year-old girl living with monkeys with no human...

Trump Reiterates, Wont Let H1B Visa Holders to Usurp US Jobs

President-elect Donald Trump's resolve not to allow H1B Visa holders to replaced Americans could hurt the Indian and Chinese workers the most. Pertinent to note...

11 Lakh Jobs To Be Generated As Result Of Special Package...

The special package for made ups sector approved by the Union Cabinet may help in generating large scale direct and indirect employment of up...

DeMonetisation Stress – British MP Calls On India To End Uncertainty

Demonetisation Stress – Virendra Sharma, one of Britain’s senior-most Indian-origin MP, has called on the Indian government to end the uncertainty surrounding demonetisation of...

NGO Seeks Quashing Of CBI Acting Director Rakesh Asthana’s Appointment

The NGO, Common Cause, has approached the Supreme Court for a direction to the government for appointing a regular Director of Central Bureau of...