Ever since the Corona Lockdown was announced across India and strictly enforced by the Men In Uniform, the Animal Kingdom seem to have taken to the streets, literally.

While, in a first of its kind initiative, fearful citizens were being tagged into covid19 isolations and Drones deployed to check movement of people and vehicles in high density areas across cities like Bangalore and other metros, fear seems to have ebbed among the animals with many venturing to reclaim their space, after centuries of confinement to the jungles.

A variety of them, some even rejoicing and dancing on the zebra crossings could be seen across India or rather across the world. Spotted deers, blue bulls, civets, olive turtles, elephants, even the Leopard.. name an animal and it’s there.

 1.  Leopard Comes Calling On Indian Air Force

A pair of Leopards visiting the backyard at an Indian Air Force base, in South of India. The two decide to sit down calmly and tire out the vigilant guards at the Base, who became more busy in finding out how to take selfies with the duo.

 2.  A Peacock Blocks The Zebra Crossing Dancing

Oblivious to the many peering human eyes, some peeping through windows and terraces, a peacock is busy dancing away to glory, attracting females around in the once busy roads of Parsi Colony, Hughes Road, Mumbai, India.

 3.  Indian Civet In Kozhikode

Just like its many other counterparts from the animal kingdom, the Indian civet too shed its shyness and came out fearlessly to cross cross a road in Kozhikode, Kerala. A very  unusual sight even by the standards of the local Mallus closeted around the place. The video of the Indian civet is being shared across the world, though it was wrongly tagged to be of Malabar civet, an endangered animal not seen since 1990.

 4.  Pack Of Street Dogs

Crediting themselves of having chased away all the cars off the street, a pack of dogs bask in self pride and pose for a rare photo-session for our cameraman.

An Elephant Strolls In Dehradun, India Amid Lockdown

 5.  An Elephant In Dehradun, India

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An Elephant Strolls down the streets of Doiwala, Dehradun, looking for human trace to say hello to. But the lone human whom it met, threw away his motor-bike and just vanished without even exchanging courtesies. None else could be sighted despite kilometres of vain search amid lockdowns.

 6.  Spotted Deer (Chital) Negotiating Tirupati Highway

Spotted Deer that is normally difficult to spot in daylight, could be spotted negotiating the natioanl highway to Tirupati. With temples closed and people confined to indoors, many animals are venturing out from the nearby Tirumala hills, a part of the famous Seshachalam biosphere reserve.

 7.  Dolphins Sighted Off Mumbai Coast

A rare sight for many, in their lifetime, with the lockdown taking effect on Indian waterways as well, people reported sighting humpback dolphins off the coastline in Mumbai.

 8.  Blue Bull (NeelGai) In Sec 18, Noida, India

Know for fast breeding and creating havoc for formers in North India, Blue Bulls (NeelGai’s) often keep away from towns and city roads. But amid the lockdown, one of them comes loitering around to see if some shops were open at India’s “Great India Place Mall’ in sector 18 Noida.  Some kind of a cross between a Cow and an Antelope, these sturdy animals move in herds often damaging standing crops and thus hated by farmers.

A herd of them (NeelGais) having funtime and running amock on the streets of Chandigarh, India

 9.  Olive Ridley Sea Turtles Off Odisha’s Beach

Amid less of human activity, hundreds of Olive Ridley sea turtles have arrived for nesting at Odisha’s Gahirmatha Beach and Rushikulya Rookery, the most preferred nesting grounds of the turtles.

It’s not only in India that the fauna have shed their shyness and started coming out to mingle with the remnants of human race some of whom could still be encountered breaching the lockdown norms. Reports of unusual encounters are pouring in by the hundreds from across the world.

 10.  Mountain Goats In Llandudno, Wales

With deserted towns and the least of hustle bustle, a herd of mountain goats fearlessly trooped into the streets of Llandudno in Wales, England some days ago. These are believed to have come from the nearby Great Orme headland.

 11.  Buffalo In Buffalo

Buffaloes, the original inhabitants of the city, return to the streets amid the corona lockdowns and curfews.

 12.  Herd Of Deer In London, England

A herd of fallow deer paid a visit to the bewildered residents of Harold Hill chipping away at their lawns. These are believed to have come all the way from the nearby Dagnam Park.

As we keep our fingers crossed and pray for all humans to come out of this corona pandemic, we expect a more humane and eco-sensitive world to take shape in the future.

PN: The viral stories of swans diving in the canals of Venice and Asian elephants passed out drunk in Yunnan, China, even though entertained the world, but have turned out to be false. Even the video of an elephant taking a stroll through a village near Dehradun in India is said to be a couple of months old and unrelated to the lockdown, but not yet confirmed.

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