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Pegasus Snoopgate – The Albatross Around Modi’s Neck

Just as the nation was coming to terms with the devastation of the second wave, we woke up to the scandal that is the Pegasus Snoopgate.

Exit Poll Results – 2019, Culmination Of A Herculean Democratic Ritual

As the 2019 General Elections come to a close, everyone wants to know the result. Before the exit polls start running a few hours...

Piggybacking The Armed Forces For Political Gains – India Elections 2019

I wish this election season would end soon. I am not anxious about who will form the next government or to know who our...

How Low Can The Politicians’ Stoop? Elections 2019

In a deplorable incident during voting in Jabalpur on 28th April, the army was dragged into an avoidable controversy. Based on the directions of...

The Anatomy Of A Non Issue – Dynastic Politics

The word Dynasty, of  late, has been over used, simply as an easy tool to direct vendetta against orgnisations, individuals and families. More so,...

Will Turning A New Leaf Help The Congress? N4M

As next year’s pivotal general elections against the ruling BJP loom large on the horizon, a question that seems to preoccupy the Congressmen these...

Rahul Gandhi Charges Modi For Regressing India Back To Medieval Times

Soon after taking up the Congress baton today, Rahul Gandhi hit out at the BJP, accusing it of spreading hatred and violence in the...