What do you think about when you see a real estate photograph taken from above? The thing that comes in mind at first is nothing but the drone. The drone has taken real estate photography to a new level. To show the entire scope of photography, real estate photographers are using drones nowadays. In the US, 99% of the real estate businesses depend on the drone for their real estate photography. The trend is catching up fast in most countries now.

Whether the photography is in the interior or the exterior, a drone works very effectively for shooting. The drone has made it easy for the real estate to represent their property photographs in the most attractive way to their potential customers. Now read this article to know about the best drone photography tips. We want to show you the top drone photography tips to spice you’re your real estate photography. 

What are the top drone photography tips?

Are you thinking about to start real estate photography with the drone? There are several popular drones available in today’s market. If you focus on purchasing a drone, you can focus on them. 

If you are a good pilot, you should focus on smooth movement. It is one of the important parts of technology that you should know about to take photos of your property. 

If you want to make, your real estate photos stand out from the crowd, read all the tips here to beat your competitors. We are going to show you about how you can take advantage of using a drone while you are taking real estate photos. 

Drone Photography Tips For Real Estate Business

Preparing the property:

Your property should be prepared before you go to the house, which is your main focus. How long you take preparation while you get to the shooting place, always there will be some elements that are scattered. There can be a mess if there is construction equipment in the property area, which is still under construction. Take a good preparation before you bring the main focus on the house. Do not focus on the other elements like the car in front of the house, the garden at the front of the house, or the pet of the house. 

Keeping the drone low:

One of the mistakes that you can do is keeping the drone high. If there is a high altitude, it will be filled with the roof. The house will not be shown properly. Try not to create a photo like this. Try to create a photo where the house will be shown. Buyers do not get the positive feeling of the house with this kind of photo. If you are taking photos like this, you can represent the property according to the buyers’ expectations. But it would be best if you kept your drone low. It is better if the height of the drone is 20 to 25 feet high. Stay low enough so that you capture the house, not the roof.

Camera setting:

The thing that you should focus on while using a drone is the camera setting. You should adjust your camera setting before you start to shoot.

Camera Settings before starting a Property shoot

Checking the settings is a must-have before you go on a shoot. You will find unlimited settings in your drone. You can shoot your photos at raw files. This makes it more flexible while you edit your photos. You can change the camera at the maximum resolution. It is highly recommended to use auto-focus. If it is a complicated drone, you have to think much about the manual focus. 

Plan every shoot before:

You should spend a lot of time preparing everything before you start the shoot. You have to roam around the location before physically. Look everything that surrounds the property area. Know about the important selling points from the client. Know every location feature. Then make a plan for how you will shoot. Know what your client wants to avoid from the surrounding like the parks, highways, schools, or beaches, whatever it is. Make a plan before you start your final shoot. So now you understand why it is mandatory to visit your location before. Tell this to the client to make their property ready before you reach. 

Why is real estate drone photography getting popularity?

Before the emergence of drones, it was expensive to capture aerial images. If you think about to take photos from the air, you have to go for a helicopter. Besides, you have to use numerous photography equipment which is expensive. But drone has made everything easier than before. A drone is affordable. The device is portable that offers easy usability. In the case of the real estate market, the name is in trend. A drone has made it possible for anyone to capture the bird’s eye view of properties. Once the operator has registered, they get permission to use it professionally. 

In a nutshell, a drone is considered as one of the crucial advanced innovation. A drone has made it stand out from the crowd for the real estate photographs.

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Adding a little touch-up

Your raw property images can look dull and lifeless. Taking the photographs is not the end of the task. There is something left for you. You have to make photos attractive. In the first shot, your photos will not look incredible. But you have to give them an incredible look. If you edit the captured photos carefully, you can give them a sharp and clear look. 

You can use the Adobe Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop for making your real estate photos look beautiful. Both of these programs work the same, and editors worldwide use them for editing photos. Post Production is indispensable for real state photography as it changes the look of photos. If you compare a real estate photograph with an edited photo, you will find a huge difference. All the stunning real estate photos that you see today are the results of the real estate photo editing service. Because the raw photos do not look much stunning and sharp. 

Make everything well prepared before you get your drone up in the air. If you want to avoid editing, you must be prepared with your property. If you want to create realistic and stunning real estate photographs, try to get all the new and latest drone reviews. Before you go to buy your new drone, know about the manufacturers.

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