(Updated Jun2021) India had established early, it’s mark at the international stage in the field of beauty and glamour. Many a beauty pageants of the Miss World and Miss Universe fame have ever since been won. However the General Elections of 2019 have catapulted India again into limelight. This time, with a highest ever 14.58% presence, the limelight has shifted to some of the most beautiful indian female politicians.

N4M Reviews compiles the list of “Top Most Beautiful Female Politicians of India (2021)”. Though, in ascending order, the list introduces you to the gorgeous ladies that have pledged to lead india to glory in the 21st century. Check out who makes it to No. 1.

10Navneet Ravi Rana

Navaneet Kaur is an Indian film actress who mainly acts in Telugu films. She is elected as Member of Parliament from Amravati constituency in 2019 Loksabha election as independent candidate. Navneet is married to Ravi Rana also an independent politician, a second time MLA presently representing the Badnera Assembly Constituency.
Born: 3 January 1986, Mumbai
Nationality: Indian
Spouse: Ravi Rana (m. 2011)
Marriage location: Amravati
Office: Member of the Lok Sabha since 2019


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