Just like Indian and Pakistani beauty is famous worldwide, how can we forget the neighbourly Bhutan for its ever so charming, beautiful and gorgeous women. Not that they were not famous earlier, but then the Bhutanese Royal marriage, watched globally, further gave Bhutanese beauty and glamour a filip bringing it to be very much in focus worldwide.

N4M Surveys Team shortlists the most beautiful and hottest Bhutanese actresses and models from Thimpywood. These beauties are are not only becoming famous for their charming looks, but also for their excellent talents, both on and off screen. Check out the Number 1 from Bhutan here.

10Tshering Zam

Tshering Zam - Bhutanese Actress

Tshering Zam is a famous Bhutanese film actress and has worked in various Bhutanese films, nine of which are quite famous. The first movie she acted was the “The Golden Ring” that became quite a hit in Bhutan. She was lastly associated with the movie Mi Tshe Sum Gu Drok and it seems, has been on a break since then.


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