At a time when India needs huge investments to satisfy its growth and development story, the World Bank’s approval of a USD 100-million loan for a health project in Uttarakhand to provide medical services in the state is seen as a welcome step.

The financing agreement from World Bank’s arm International Development Assistance (IDA) for ‘Uttarakhand Health Systems Development Project’ was signed here, an official statement said.

One of the components of the project would entail engaging private sector for health services in these regions while the other on stewardship and system improvement.

Total cost of the project is USD 125 million, of which USD 25 million will be funded by the state government.trailer film The Bye Bye Man

Under the project, there will be multiple self-contained clusters of clinical services from operators on a PPP model.

They will provide services for free or at nominal charges, the statement said.

Health services under the project will have a robust oversight and monitoring mechanism that will be fully integrated with the expanded health insurance programme in Uttarakhand.

“This will be concurrent with strengthening the state’s capacity to implement the project,” it said. The project is slated to be completed by 2023.

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