National and multi-national direct marketing companies like Herbalife, Oriflame, Amways, Avon etc keep embroiled in stiff competition amongst themselves, focusing and vying for increasing their share of the markets.

Being multi-national and with massive turnovers and huge R&D spends, these companies leave no stone unturned to get ahead of each other, be it in terms of their high quality products or the innovative methodologies employed by each of them across marketing regimens.

Around a couple of years back Herbalife revolutionized the weight loss products market by introducing its Weight Management and Nutritional Products across India. Herbalife’s huge success of its weight management shakes and products in the market prompted other direct marketing companies to follow suit.

Amway the ‘American Way’ company that has one of its worldwide manufacturing facilities located in India, immediately came up with a Marketing Ace. They roped in India’s top Nutritionist, Weight Loss Expert and Lifestyle Celebrity Shubi Husain as a Technical cum Training and Marketing consultant to come up with a counter product to Herbalife’s weight management product line up. The result was soon visible. Shubi Husain, who herself is a star business woman and runs a chain of Aesthetics and Weight Management clinics, threw her full weight behind Amways and came up with an innovative and effective product, now famous as the Nutrilite WOW (Will Over Weight). This was introduced in fairly affordable packages keeping the indian clientele in mind and has been a roaring success since its launch.

celebrity nutitionist shubi husain with amway india for nutrilite wow
Celebrity Nutritionist Shubi Husain poses for Amway’s Nutrilite W.O.W

Herbalife, that dominated the market with the sole advantage of being the first mover for many months, was soon to be left behind. With the professional help of Shubi Husain, Amway, despite being a late strarter, surged ahead of its competition. In the weight management domain, Amway today is at the forefront, distributing weight management shakes and products across India.

Its not only the weight loss product segment, in almost all its product line, Amways India has shown a combo of real professional grit and innovative acumen that has helped it survive the tough indian market. Having been through a tumultuous journey over the years that included a brush with the indian public and the judiciary, Amway India has certainly come out a winner and continues to be so.

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  1. Hi Shubi Husain, Greetings to you,
    I am the CEO of a new startup in India and we plan foraying into high end organic foods under your brand name.. Pls let us know when will it be convenient for you to spare a few minutes to discuss on this. We will be sending the proposal thru email. Pls Chk inbox & try replying there asap
    Best regards,
    Elle Taylor,
    San Francisco


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