With the Delhi Elections having just culminated on the 8th, the Police was in for some action. As the Students of Jamia Millia University, both current and alumni, tried today to take out an Anti-CAA protest march to the Parliament, Police in full force stopped them. In the standoff, a mild force was used, as per the police. Though this was belied by many on the ground, injuries sustained by the students substantiated their allegations of use of force by the Police.

  • More than 10 woman students are being treated for injuries to their private parts
  • They were allegedly injured during a scuffle with Delhi Police during anti-CAA march
  • An injured student has said that a woman cop took off her burqa and hit her with lathi

A huge pose of Armed Delhi police personnel barricaded the students, not allowing them to march to the parliament, citing “No Permission”. As per witnesses, 20 to 30 people were detained and taken away from the protest site by the Police. Lawyers and Humanitarian Aid workers following them up at nearby police stations to provide succour and to ensure that the police abides by the law while handling protesters.

The Police had come in for some severe criticism across India where they seem to be  under instructions to aggressively break protests against the CAA-NRC-NPR.

Delhi Police has only been second to their counterparts of Uttar Pradesh Police when it’s coming to the brutality being inflicted on the student community of particularly Jamia Millia Islamia. Though the students of JNU and DU have also been lathi charged and beaten to uphold the law, as per the police.

Police presence outside Jamia Millia University - Anti-CAA Protest
Heavily Police buildup outside the Jamia Millia University to thwart students from marching to the Indian Parliament – Anti-CAA Protest

“More than 10 woman students have been hit on their private parts. We have found blunt injuries and some have been hit in a way that we had to shift them to Al Shifa because injuries are serious in nature,” the doctors said.

Two male students today also told the press that that they were hit on their private parts by the cops. They were also admitted to emergency for his injuries.

A student, who was being treated at the health centre while narrating the incident to the press told that a woman cop removed her burqa and hit her in her private parts with a lathi. “I have been hit on my private parts by cops with boots. One of the woman cops took off my Burkha and hit me on my private parts with a lathi,” she said.

Injured Student Jamia - Anti-CAA Protest
An Injured JMI student (Anti-CAA Protest) allegedly hit by the Delhi Police lies in pain at the protest site

Another student said that the cops were beating them below the belt so that the camera could not capture it and we feel ashamed in showing our injuries. “They were pushing us so hard that we got stuck in stampede four or five times,” the student said. She added, “There are women who have been injured in their sensitive parts. I have been hit in the elbow and abdomen. They are hitting us with lathi below the belt so that it doesn’t come in camera.”

“Police hit me on my private part with feet. They are beating ladies, so I came in their rescue, they hit me with a stick at chest and back and hit me with legs at private part. The doctor has put me in the emergency,” the injured male student said.

Another male student admitted at the Jamia health centre said that he was hit so badly that he fainted twice. “I was telling them please let us protest, but they were pushing us. We couldn`t escape as. They were hitting from the below at the private parts. I fainted twice,” he said.

Jamia Millia Injured students Anti-CAA Protest
Injured Anti-CAA protesters from Jamia Millia, allegedly hit on their private parts, lay on the floor waiting to be evacuated (Image credits: Twitter)

At the Al-Shifa hospital the hospital authorities informed that at least nine people – eight Jamia students and a local resident – have been admitted at Al-Shifa after the Anti-CAA protest march to the Parliament. “One of the students have suffered severe injuries, we have shifted him to the ICU,” they said.

The modus operandi adopted by the Delhi Police as evident from most of the injuries sustained by the protesting students, both females and males seems to deliver maximum damage that doesn’t show up in the form of blood to the cameras, while the injured at the same time, given the indian culture, shies away in narrating his / her injuries to private parts.

The incident of such injuries on private parts at Jamia Millia comes close on the heels of the incident at the Gargi College where during their College festival, its alleged that masked goons entered the college premises and molested the girl students. Some even masturbating and sexually abusing the girls in full show of vulgarity and abuse.

Delhi Police seems to be deploying innovative ways to break the protests against the CAA-NRC-NPR but these haven’t yielded much result in front of the protesters who seems to have dug in for the long haul. One of the tweets from a handle manned by protesters cited Delhi Police to be using some kind of spraying into the air at the protest site that allegedly led to unusual stomach ached and uneasiness amongst the protesters.

Of late, Delhi had been witness to some of the worst rabble rousing, mostly by the BJP cadres roaming the streets with “..Goli Maro Sa*** Ko” kind of slogans that saw enthusiastic participation by no less than senior ministers like Anurag Thakur and Giriraj Singh in the Narendra Modi Govt. Even Home Minister Amit Shah, had left no stone unturned in arousing passions against his political opponents.

Particularly irked by those agitating against the CAA-NRC-NPR and the sit-in at Shaheen Bagh, Shah had urged Delhiites during a rally to press the EVM button so hard while voting, that the Shaheen Bagh Anti-CAA-NRC-NPR protesters should get the shock of the current emanating from the EVM.

With the Elections over, the Jamia Coordination Committee (JCC), an organisation of Jamia students and alumni gave a protest call to march to the Parliament against the CAA-NRC_NPR combo.

Despite repeated appeals from the police and the varsity authorities, the protesters refused to disperse and remained adamant to proceed to the Indian Parliament.Mollifying Citizen Also Read: Outrage With Police Encounter – A Blot On Governance

Amid heavy deployment of security personnel in and around the Jamia Millia University, the protesters, including women and young girls, began their march from Jamia’s gate no 7.

The protesters raised slogans like “Kagaz Nahi Dikhayenge’ (We will not show documents). New slogans are coming to light everyday like this one that debuted today which goes “Jab Nahi Dare Hum Goron Se Toh Kyun Dare Hum Auron Se” (When we did not fear the British, why should we fear others).

Men formed a human chain on either sides of roads as women walked ahead, waving the tricolour and raising slogans of “Halla Bol”.

“It has been two months since we are protesting. No one from the government has come to talk to us, so we want to go to talk to them,” said a burqa-clad Zeba Anhad.

A scuffle ensued as policemen tried to stop the protesters. But the young students jumped over the barricades to continue their march towards the Parliament.

The CAA allows easier citizenship for Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians, Parsis and Jains, specifically skipping Muslims, who came to India from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh before 2015 to escape religious persecution there.

Those opposing the CAA contend that it discriminates on the basis of religion and violates the Constitution. They also allege that the CAA along with the NRC and NPR is just a prelude and is actually intended to target the Muslim community in the country and disenfranchise them.

The all pervasive corruption prevalent in the echelons of government, add to the fears of not only the Muslims but also the Dalits and the Hindus as citizens will have to undergo the pains of an unimaginably herculean exercise that will be fraught with aberrations and be a recipe for corruption in the hands of lower rung administration that is bound to have grave consequences.

However, the central government dismisses the allegations, maintaining that the law is intended to give citizenship to the persecuted minorities (except the Muslims) from the three neighbouring countries and not to take away anyone’s citizenship.

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