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ASSAM – The Anatomy Of A Ticking Time Bomb

If too much diversity were ever a problem, Assam would be a prime example. Call it regionalism, sub-nationalism or ethnocentrism, these were always above religious divides. At least till the recent past.

GST – An Opportunity To Strengthen Cooperative Federalism

Both the Centre and the States have to make compromises and find a solution. Some of these enumerated in this article could prevent Center from defaulting and will be truly cooperative federalism in the making.

The Government For The People Or Is It? Doubts Galore!!

When Abraham Lincoln described Democracy as the Government of the People, by the People and for the People, he was quite clear that people who elect their government shall do so with utmost caution and with a conscious mind and those elected to represent shall work for the people and the elected government shall serve the people and will be in true sense be a Government for the People.

IBC Suspension May Hurt Debt Restructuring Process

Blanket suspension of defaults due COVID-19 could lead to inadvertent consequences, like why should a corporate entity not refer itself to insolvency and so on

Imperative That Govt Steps In To Protect 11 Crore People Engaged...

It's time to act. 11 Crore Peoples lives is in danger. Imperative That Govt Steps In Immediately To Protect these 11 crore People Engaged In MSMEs across India

Union Budget 2020-21, A Bagful Of Contradictions

Union Budget 2020-21 | Why is govt not doing what it can? It can't be lack of political will. Then does it want a crisis to persist for some political & social agenda

Scores Of Anti-CAA Protesters Injured Trying To March To Indian Parliament...

With the Delhi Elections having just culminated on the 8th, the Police was in for some action. As the Students of Jamia Millia University,...

India Rediscovering Its Undivided Soul As Tide Of Polarization Ebbs

The Indian Government, smug in its belief that its stony inaction on a slew of anti-Muslim measures like ‘lynchings’, attacks on so called ‘Love...

Govt Must Heed To Gadkari’s Advice To Bring Businesses Back On...

Despite all the hullaboo about 'Ease of Doing Business in India' or the much publicised 'Make In India' initiative, the fact remains that the Indian business diaspora is on a continuous down slide. Time for BJP to heed to Gadkari's advice

Rise In Businessmen Suicides – Next Major Concern For BJP Government

Businessmen, the world over, are considered to be the most resolute yet admirably adaptable amongst all professionals and thus are invariably the last to...

MSME’s Demonetisation and GST Woes; Blame Govt For “Only Interested In...

The findings of a latest survey amongst Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) has confirmed the hardships undergone by this sector following demonetisation and...

Rival Parties Junk Amit Shah’s Tripura Speeches, Call Them Full Of...

Agartala (IANS): Ruling CPI-M and the opposition parties on Monday unequivocally flayed BJP President Amit Shah and said he lied and slandered his opponents...

SPG Changed Rules Favouring AgustaWestland, Not Tyagi Or IAF

Very Very Important Personnel (VVIPs ) of India are ferried across the country in special helicopters by the Indian Air Force ( IAF )....

Govt Finds Support In Action Against ‘Multiple And Benami Property’

Its not a hidden fact that much of the Black Money In Modern India is also in the form of Multiple Properties, some even...